Nutrition and preventative research Nutrition and preventative research

Our mission is, (1) to conduct world-leading nutrition research which spans from fundamental mechanistic studies to large pragmatic trials in healthy participants and ‘at risk’ groups, and (2) to effectively educate our MBBS, PA and PGR students in the understanding of nutrition in health and disease-risk reduction. Through both mechanisms we will help deliver the government Ageing Grand Challenge goal of increasing healthy life expectancy by five years by 2035.

We investigate the impact of key dietary components and dietary patterns on health and risk of major age-related chronic diseases, in particular cardio-metabolic health, musculoskeletal health, cognitive health and dementia, micronutrient status and prostate cancer. A unique aspect of our research is our integrated approach. Using a combination of cell and animal models, carefully phenotyped population based cohorts (EPIC Norfolk and Potsdam, Twins UK, UK Biobank etc.) and intervention trials in healthy and patient groups, food bioactive absorption and metabolism, their impact on risk biomarkers and incident disease, and physiological and molecular mechanisms of action are investrigated. We also have an interest in Mediterranean style dietary patterns, gut health and genomics and lipidomics.

In the 2014 REF exercise, 89% of the UEA nutrition submission’s research was rated as world leading/internationally excellent and our research publications were rated 6th in the UK (Sub-panel 6). It is anticipated that we are in a position to even better this score in the REF 2021 exercise. To do so, in addition to our strong portfolio of outputs, and the required impact cases, we need to ensure we are internally cohesive, externally responsive and relevant, and have an ambitious research environment going forward, including industrial partnerships.   

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