Academic f2 objectives 2017-18 Academic f2 objectives 2017-18

The following to be achieved to a satisfactory standard:

1.  Be able to critically review the medical literature as assessed by a review a
Journal Paper - CBD

2.  Understand the requirements for designing clinical research as assessed by writing a protocol – CBD

3.  Presentation of data in written form as assessed by writing any of the following: a case history, audit, paper or book chapter - CBD

4.  Presentation of data in oral form as assessed by oral presentation of clinical data or audit - mini CEX

5.  Understand the components of producing good quality highly discriminatory assessment material by write an exam question in the form required for UEA medical students – CBD

Attend the following:

6.  Norwich Academic Foundation Programme Training Course (or equivalent)– this is mandatory

7.  OSCE Training – needed prior to taking OSCE

8.  PBL Training  - needed prior to taking PBL

9.  GCP Course either as a group session or the online course

Undertake the following:

10.  OSCE as an examiner – at least 2 OSCEs require to be undertaken

11.  PBL group, seminar or lecture as a tutor – to be assessed using the Developing Clinical Teacher assessment on the eportfolio and also UEA peer review observation form (Report form Type P(01)a) available from “Learning, Teaching and Quality Assurance”  and also UEA teaching peer review forms – see Code of Practice on Peer Observation of Teaching

Complete the following:

12.  Academic foundation programme exit questionnaire