Academic F2 Programme Academic F2 Programme

How this placement meets the outcomes as set out by the Academic Foundation Programme

This placement provides the successful applicant with key academic competences in line with the UK Foundation Programme's Compendium of Academic competences.  In particular, you will complete the following: critical appraisal; question formation and literature searching; and a component of a population-based study. 

The UKFPO Compendium of competences also include protocol development, grant writing and ethics approval.  Experience over the last three years suggests these are unrealistic expectations for most F2s within a four month attachment.  However, it may be possible to develop a research protocol for a small discrete project that is taken through ethics approval and then carried out during the F2 attachment, but this requires considerable planning and motivation by the F2 doctor concerned and needs to be started a minimum of 12 months ahead of the attachment. Your supervisor will be happy to support this so please contact them early to discuss potential plans.

The teaching described below allows you to gain experience of larger group teaching (30-40 students) as well as small group teaching (PBL or consultation skills). You will also gain experience of assessment – both formative (tutor report writing) and summative (OSCE assessment). 

Academic Induction

The Norwich Academic F2 induction course runs every year and is structured in the following manner:

Academic F2 overview

Research Environment in Norwich

How to get the most from the attachment

Norfolk AF2 Required Objectives

How to write a research protocol

How to write a protocol: introduction, methods, patient inclusion and exclusion criteria, analysis etc

Literature Searching

How to conduct a literature search and review


Introduction to medical statistics

Critique paper

How to think critically about your own research

How to review a paper

Consort statement requirements


Factors of good and bad report writing

How to present data from a research project

Key aspects of oral and poster presentations

Overview and wrap up

The ups and downs of academic medicine