Training credits, their purpose and how to earn them Training credits, their purpose and how to earn them

The programme is made up of a number of sessions which carry a training credit rating. The use of the term ‘training credit' is purely for the purposes of recording time and it is not a transferable unit which can be applied to other courses at other institutions. Training credits are also attached to formal sessions provided by specific schools. For full time students the expectation is 10 training credits per year, for part-time students 5 training credits per year. A single unit of training credit will often relate to a day of transferable skills training given within the PPD programme and a half a day relate to 0.5 credits.

  • The training credits attained should be checked during supervisory team meetings and a further check is made when thesis examiners are nominated. For MPhil students this will be a total of 20 training credits and for MSc by Research and MD students this will be a total of 10 training credits. There is also a pro-rata requirement for part-time students. Students can take more than the normal requirement in a given year if it meets their study plan, and such training credits earned can be carried forward to subsequent years. For any training activity that incurs a cost, you need to apply for that activity to be funded using the Study Leave Request form. The completed form should be returned to the Faculty PGR Office BEFORE the training event. For Research Council or UEA funded studentships, this will be a request to use your Research Training and Support Grant (RTSG) or equivalent through the PGR Office for UEA funded or through your primary supervisor for Research Council funded or other externally funded studentships. If your postgraduate research study is not funded, or is only partly funded, and has no provision for a training programme, the Faculty has an allocation of £500 per annum for each full-time and £250 for each part-time MPhil, PhD or MSc by Research student for your training. The Union of UEA Students has a conference fund that students can apply to - details can be found on their website.
  • Students may attend the MSc taught modules included in this brochure as recommended by their supervisory team. However, students will only be credited for such attendance once per year of study - up to a maximum of 7.5 training credits over their full period of study. Where the supervisory team wants these to be taken early in the research degree, training credits can be carried forward into subsequent years such that 2.5 training credits are awarded each year.
  • Training credits for some elements, eg specialist skills, will be not equivalent to chronological days. Other lengthy periods of training will also receive only limited training credits – thus a six week workshop does not earn 30 training credits.
  • In order to apply for PPD training credits for external training or experiential learning events students must submit a reflective report (MS Word) to the PGR Office. The Training Coordinator will consider all such applications. There can be zero training credit courses. We might recommend or catalogue these. This is to allow them to appear on the student's training record.
  • No single element should accrue such a large amount of training credit that it undermines the breadth of transferable skills. This is currently embodied in keeping the maximum at 2.5 training credits
  • At least 60% of the training credits should derive from modules from the FMH PPD programme or some elements of the PPD from other Faculties. The sum of MSc courses, conferences, workshops and other learning activities should not constitute more than 40%. Concessions and/or exemptions in special circumstances should not overlap with the 40% derived from subject related skills etc.