Activities to help you plan your development as a researcher Activities to help you plan your development as a researcher

Your Personal and Professional Development Plan should be based on your needs as a researcher. You should also make use of the Researcher Development Statement (RDS) and Researcher Development Framework (RDF) issued by Vitae which have been adopted by the Research Councils as their standard requirement for training. You can find more details on the website of Vitae.
The programme is divided into 12 topic areas:

  • Part 1 Supporting your PhD
  • Part 2 Academic writing
  • Part 3 Communication skills
  • Part 4 Learning through Practice
  • Part 5 Research methods
  • Part 6 Research ethics/governance
  • Part 7 Information skills
  • Part 8 Statistics
  • Part 9 Expanding your knowledge
  • Part 10 Impact and engagement
  • Part 11 Career planning
  • Part 12 Widening horizons

In addition there will be an indicator against each module to advise which stage of your research the module is most applicable to. There are three stages:

  1. Starting your research – Year 1
  2. Developing as a researcher – All years
  3. Looking beyond your PhD – Years 2 to 3

As well as the training activities for postgraduate research students within FMH, you can participate in training offered by the Faculty of Social Sciences (SSF); the Faculty of Arts and Humanities (HUM); and Faculty of Science (SCI);  depending on whether space is available for you to attend and where the training is relevant to your PPD needs. For further information please click on the links below: