Welcome to the Researcher and Primary Supervisor Toolkit Welcome to the Researcher and Primary Supervisor Toolkit

The following is a list of resources to guide users through common procedures which researchers and supervisors often have trouble navigating.

Funding Routes

Procedure and Timeline for Acquiring a PhD Student

Guidance for responsibility, timeline and milestones for taking on a PhD student can be found here.

PhD and PGR Interview Panel Information

Interview Panel Package 

A comprehensive 'package' guide to the PhD and PGR interview process can be found below.  These documents should be forwarded to the interview panel following confirmation of the date of interview.

  1. Interview Guidance Checklist
  2. Interview Assessment Form
  3. Interview Scoring Form
  4. Interview Outcome Form
  5. Generic Interview Questions (Note: Access to this document requires a password from Philip Hearsey, FMH PGR Officer)

Additional Guidance 

Further guidance is under development and will include the PhD Viva process.

Should you wish to have any procedures clarified in future updates of the documents above, please contact your School PGR Director - contact details are available via the PGR Service's Academic PGR Contact Details webpage.


Other Useful Information and Resources  

Application Process for Post Graduate Research Courses at UEA

Details of the PGR application process can be found here.  

General Contact Information for PGR Students and Supervisors

Students and Supervisors can find other useful information, contacts and procedures governing PGR degrees here.