All research degrees are assessed by thesis and an oral examination (Viva) All research degrees are assessed by thesis and an oral examination (Viva)

Candidates for research degrees should consult their supervisory team before submitting a thesis for examination. The thesis title should normally be approved and the examiners appointed at least 3 months before the thesis is submitted.

The procedures for nomination and appointment of examiners are contained in Section 8 - Code of Practice for the External Examiners' System for Research awards at UEA

For category A candidates (staff), examiners are appointed by the Academic Director of Research Degree Programmes. The examiners will be exclusively external and an independent chair appointed - Section 9 - The Role of the Independent Chair

The thesis should be submitted not later than the end of the Period of Registration. Guidance on the form and submission of the thesis is set out in Section 3 - Research Degrees: Submission, Presentation, Consultation and Borrowing of Theses

Word counts apply and candidates should consult the section on research degrees.

The Viva should normally take place within three months of the thesis submission.  It is the responsibility of the internal examiner to arrange the date and time of your Viva (or the independent chair if you are a staff candidate). Candidates may wish to discuss with their supervisor or School PGR Director the likely pattern and practicalities of the Viva.