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Which form

What is it for



Initial meeting report

This process and form are available online through e:Vision.


Within 3 weeks of registration

Progress report

To be completed following one of your 'formal' progress meetings with your supervisory team.


2 times  per year (normally 1 each for  periods  June to Oct and  Nov to Feb)

Annual  Review of progress

This process and form are available online through e:Vision.



Progress report - confidential statement

This can be used by you or your supervisory team if you wish to report anything of a confidential nature following the submission of a progress report (including the annual review of progress report).




If you need an extension to your period of study or your period of registration this form must be completed three months in advance of your current end date.  To be completed in consultation and agreement with your supervisory team and supported by appropriate medical and supplementary information.



Change of supervisor approval

If there is any change to the membership of the supervisory team (such as occurs when members of staff leave or go on maternity leave). The primary supervisor  needs to complete it and obtain signatures from the student as well as the school PGR director's approval



If you need to stop your research studies completely (not just slow down) you can apply for an interruption which will 'stop the clock' on your period of study and restart it when your return.  You will be able to retain access rights to your University email account but not be able to access other UEA facilities or (if applicable) receive stipend payments whilst interrupting and will need to be deemed to be fit to return to study before being allowed to restart your studies.



Registration only supervision

The level of supervision and resources required during the registration-only period (if applicable) needs to be discussed with your supervisory team and recorded.  Your supervisor should send a copy of the agreement to the FMH PGR Office within one month of the start of your Registration Only period. 


At start of registration-only year

Study leave request form

If you wish to take study leave and undertake a training activity that is outside one of the Faculties' PPD training programmes (e.g. external to UEA), you should complete this request form and get your supervisor to authorise.  If you wish to use your RTSG monies to fund an activity, there is also space on the form to request this. This form should then be taken directly to FMH Finance for processing.



Thesis title and approval of examiners

When you are nearing the end of your research and are expecting to submit your thesis in the coming months you must complete this form.  The first part of the form is completed by you before sending to your primary supervisor to approve and complete the examiner details.  You need to ensure that you do submit the form in good time to allow your supervisors to recruit examiners and for them to be formally appointed by the University.


At least three months before submission of thesis

Research degree entry form

To be submitted with the initial submission of your thesis.


With thesis submission

Reduction in period of study

If you wish to apply for a reduction in your period of study you need to first check what the Regulations of your degree permit before completing this form.


At least 6 months prior to the end of your period of study

Letter Request Form To complete if you require an official letter from the University for a range of needs. Anytime 

Transfer Panel approval

For completion by primary supervisors of MPhil students to gain approval for the membership of the Transfer to PhD panel membership.  Please read in conjunction with the panel guidance document


At least 4 week prior to transfer panel date

Transfer panel report

For completion by the Chair of Transfer panels following the Transfer from MPhil to PhD meeting.


At  end of transfer panel meeting

Permission to spend time away from UEA

If you need to spend a length of time away from UEA on fieldwork you must first gain approval by completing this form at least three months in advance of you going undertaking the fieldwork.



Researcher safety checklist

To be completed in collaboration with your supervisor when developing your research.  To be completed after reading the Code of Practice for the Safety of Researchers, which provides guidance on the safety of social researchers.