Cutting-edge facilities and services Cutting-edge facilities and services

The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences is home to a host of cutting-edge facilities, services and equipment, designed with education, collaboration and innovation in mind.

Anatomy SuiteAnatomy Suite

Practitioners, surgeons, paediatricians, other trainees and students have the opportunity to conduct research and clinical practices on real human bodies at our University’s Anatomy Suite. The Anatomy Suite is licensed by the Human Tissue Authority to receive, store, anatomically examine, and dispose of human remains under the Human Tissue Act (2004).

The large teaching space features a recently updated audio visual system allowing close up demonstration or electronic presentation to larger groups.

More Information: Anatomy Suite 
Contact: Email Anatomy Office / Tel +44 (0)1603 591229

Biomedical Research CentreBiomedical Research Centre (BMRC)

The Biomedical Research Centre is a unique collaboration between Norwich Medical School and the School of Biological Sciences, and undertakes pioneering work in diet and health, cancer, arthritis and musculoskeletal disorders, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, neurological disease, hearing disorders, and infectious diseases.

The BMRC is home to more than 100 research scientists, and maintains close links with Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.

More Information: Biomedical Research Centre
Contact: Email BMRC Office / Tel +44 (0)1603 593222

Bob Champion Research and Education CentreBiorepository

Working closely with the research institutes of Norwich Research Park, the brand new Norwich Research Park Biorepository stores biological tissue and samples collected for research.

More Information: NRP Biorepository
Contact: Email / Tel +44 (0)1603 289221


Bob Champion Research and Education BuildingBob Champion Research and Education Building (BCRE)

Our £19 million Bob Champion Research and Education Building includes a unique bio-bank facility to store DNA and tissue samples. It also houses laboratories, and teaching facilities suitable for training medical practitioners in rooms reflecting the functions of operational hospital bays.

More Information: Bob Champion Research and Education Building
Contact: Email Jasmine Waters / Tel +44 (0)1603 287715

Patient Consultation at the Clinical Research FacilityClinical Research Facility (CRF)

A new Clinical Research Facility for the Norwich Research Park, due to open in spring 2018, will be an important focal point at the heart of the Quadram Institute, enabling collaborative research and offering significant commercial potential.

More Information: Clinical Research Facility 
Contact: Email Research Facilities Information / Tel +44 (0)1603 450086

Edith Cavell BuildingEdith Cavell Building

The Edith Cavell Building (ECB) houses a number of specialist skills laboratories which enable students and staff from the School of Health Sciences to develop clinical and interpersonal skills through supervised simulations.

The laboratories replicate a hospital environment, allowing paramedics, nurses, midwives and operating department practitioners to be clinically trained.

Contact: Email Edith Cavell Reception / Tel +44 (0)1603 597001

Jubilee SuiteJubilee Suite

Students and staff from Norwich Medical School and the School of Health Sciences benefit from the Jubilee Suite, a spacious facility located in the Queen’s Building. Equipped with bed ward and plastic, life-size anatomical models, the suite is suitable for training nurses, physiotherapists, paediatricians and doctors.

It also comprises a section of a ‘wet’ area that allows trainees to make splints and casts as part of a training project to treat patients.

Contact: Email Queen's Building Reception / Tel +44 (0)1603 593891

MoveEx Lab GraphicMoveEx Lab

The Movement Lab, located on the ground floor of the Medical School, is an Acquired Brain Injury Research Facility, aimed at treating patients with brain-related diseases and supports the work of our Acquired Brain Injury Rehabilitation Alliance (ABIRA) research team.

The Lab houses equipment that enables us to make sensitive, objective, measurements of how people are moving, and how much muscle they are exerting. The equipment also provides information about how the central nervous system is controlling movement.

More Information: Movement Lab / ABIRA
Contact: Email ABIRA

The Norwich Electronic Assistive Technology CentreNorwich Electronic Assistive Technology (NEAT) Centre

The NEAThome is a purpose built domestic bungalow based in the Queen’s Building, and a unique interactive showcase for the latest and best in Assistive Technology (AT). Our aim is to raise awareness of AT, increase its use, and ensure that new products and developments truly meet the needs of the ever-growing AT market.

More Information: NEAThome
Contact: Email Jane Hibberd / Tel +44 (0)1603 591667

Medical Teaching FacilitiesNorwich Medical School

Norwich Medical School is home to the University’s Anatomy Suite, the Norwich Clinical Trials Unit, and our state-of-the-art MoveEx Lab, alongside a number of purpose-built rooms designed to encourage Problem-based Learning (PBL).

Teaching takes place through a series of keynote lectures, small seminar groups and anatomy practical classes.

More Information: Norwich Medical School
Contact: Email Medical School Reception / Tel +44 (0)1603 593061

Quadram InstituteQuadram Institute

Norwich Research Park will soon be home to the Quadram Institute, a new £81.6 million centre for food and health research which will be one of the largest, single-site concentrations of research in food, health and environmental science in Europe.

More Information: Quadram Institute
Contact: Email Quadram Institute / Tel +44 (0)1603 255000

Teaching Room in Queens BuildingQueen’s Building

Queen’s Building houses a range of purpose-built rooms and facilities, including NEAThome, Jubilee Suite and the Anatomy Suite, suitable for Enquiry Based Learning (EBL) in small seminar groups for staff and students from the School of Health Sciences.

Contact: Email Queen's Building Reception / Tel +44 (0)1603 593891