Leadership Team

Library Director: Nicholas Lewis

Head of Academic Liaison: Jane Helgesen

Head of Library Digital Services & Licensing: Edmund Chamberlain

Head of User Experience: Carly Sharples

Head of Library Collections & Space: Anne Lawrence


The library is at the heart of University of East Anglia, welcoming over a million students and staff per year.

Our purpose is to enhance the academic success of the university through timely provision of resources and services that facilitate independent learning and research success.

We do this through our five strategic areas of activity:

Resources – Space – Skills – Collaboration – Reputation

We make this happen through our  Library Strategy

Key Policies

Collection Development Policy

Archive Development Policy

Donation Policy

  • Whilst there remains no prospect of a library extension, donations will not normally be accepted as these take up additional physical space and are costly to process.

  • Donations and gifts for UEA Archive are governed by separate Archive Collection Policy.

Library charter

Library aims to provide a study environment, resources and services that significantly enhance scholarly activity and independent learning and research.

Our primary aim is to support students and staff of the university in all areas of their study and research, we are able to provide access to many of our services for individual researchers, and members of the local community where appropriate.

What you can expect from us 

  • A range of services and collections relevant to your education and research.
  • Access to a range of online support and resources, including the ability to manage your own Library account online.
  • A welcoming and purposeful working environment conducive to different types of study and research.
  • Helpful, knowledgeable and approachable staff who will provide assistance in using the Library and its resources.
  • Consideration of your comments and suggestions to help us improve your Library.

To help us achieve this, we will ask you to 

  • Treat all Library materials and facilities with care and follow the Library Rules.
  • Carry your University campus card with you at all times to access the Library and its resources.
  • Be considerate of the needs of others and help maintain an environment conducive to study.
  • Be polite and courteous to all other Library users and staff.