Spearheading new ways of addressing and studying translation Spearheading new ways of addressing and studying translation

The Translating, interpreting & border-crossing research group spearheads new ways of addressing and studying translation, with an emphasis on ethics and empathy, producing research directed to ‘real-world' translation practice. It includes pioneering research on translation ethics and translation quality (Drugan), linked to a large-scale investigation of gaps in the provision of interpreting and translation in the UK. 
Our research investigates people and liminal spaces – interrogating the ethics of how languages, cultures and people are ‘translated' across borders, the ethics and politics of border crossing (Smith). It explores cultural displacement and translation, and issues affecting the dismantling of linguistic barriers.  It also explores the development of pragmatics-driven approaches to audio-visual translation studies and the digital humanities (Guillot), and contributes to pioneering research in native studies (Fear-Segal, Tillett), forensic linguistics and translation (Filipović), museum translation (Guillot), and translation and sport (Baines). 
Beyond this, cross-cultural metaphors research is undertaken in collaboration with Hungarian and German universities. Research on conceptual metaphors in the Israeli-Arab-Palestinian conflict is in collaboration with Israel's Truman Institute of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem (Musolff). Projects in Digital Humanities collaborate with Essex University. While maintaining these active collaborations, we will be hosting an upcoming major international conference at UEA on East Asian Translation Studies involving scholars from China, Japan, and Korea as well as collaboration in the organisation of a forthcoming interdisciplinary conference on Communication and Sport.
This group provided key support for the creation of the TACIT project (Translation and Communication in Training) that was formally endorsed by the National Policing Improvement Agency. It maintains strategic collaborations with specialist interpreters and with Norwich City Premier League football club.