Learn a language alongside your degree Learn a language alongside your degree

Applications are now closed for Semester 1 and no further applications will be accepted. Information for Semester 2 will be uploaded to the website later in the year and applications will be opened again.

You can join a language module as a credit student. This means that it will be part of your degree course profile. For further information please contact your course director.

You can also join a language module as a non-credit student. This means that you can study the module outside your course profile.  A UEA Certificate of Attendance is given on successful completion of a module, if requested. Failure to complete all the work precludes students from getting a certificate but DOES NOT in any way affect students' degree credits and marks, when this module is taken outside the credit system.  

Both UG and PG students can apply as well as staff.


UEA staff & students/INTO students/Research Park Employees: £150 (£250 for two modules). HUM students may have one free module per semester.

Please note that Post A-Level modules (marked with a * on the schedule) are £175 each (£300 for two Post A-level modules and £275 for a Post A-level module and a second non-post A-Level module)

All fees include the use of the language resource centre but you may have to purchase a text book.

Enrolment on all modules is subject to confirmation of availability.

Languages offer:

Module Code

Beginners' Arabic I

Beginners' Arabic II/Improvers PPLB4030B
Intermediate Arabic I PPLB5035A
Intermediate Arabic II PPLB5036B
Introduction to British Sign Language I PPLB4031A
Introduction to British Sign Language II PPLB4032B
Introduction to British Sign Language I (Spring start) PPLB4033B
Beginners' Chinese I PPLB4034A
Beginners' Chinese II PPLB4035B
Advanced English I PPLB5043A
Advanced English II PPLB5044B
Beginners' French I PPLB4013A
Beginners' French I (Spring start) PPLB4015B
Beginners' French II PPLB4014B
Intermediate French I PPLB5150A
Intermediate French II PPLB5032B
Post A-Level French Language 1/I PPLF4016A
Post A-Level French Language 1/II PPLF4017B
Beginners' German I PPLB4018A
Beginners' German II PPLB4019B
Intermediate German I PPLB5151A
Intermediate German II PPLB5033B
Post A-Level German Language 1/I PPLB4020A
Post A-Level German Language 1/II PPLB4021B
Beginners' Greek I PPLB4036A
Beginners' Greek II PPLB4037B
Intermediate Greek I PPLB5036A
Intermediate Greek II PPLB5037B
Beginners' Italian I PPLB4038A
Beginners' Italian II PPLB4039B
Intermediate Italian I PPLB5039A
Intermediate Italian II PPLB5040B
Beginners' Japanese I PPLB4040A
Beginners' Japanese I (Spring start) PPLB4042B
Beginners' Japanese II PPLB4041B
Intermediate Japanese I PPLB5060A
Intermediate Japanese II PPLB5061B
Beginners' Russian I PPLB4043A
Beginners' Russian II PPLB4044B
Intermediate Russian I PPLB5158A
Intermediate Russian II PPLB5038B
Beginners' Spanish I PPLB4022A
Beginners' Spanish I (Spring start) PPLB4024B
Beginners' Spanish II PPLB4023B
Intermediate Spanish I PPLB5152A
Intermediate Spanish II PPLB5034B
Post A-Level Spanish Language 1/I PPLH4025A
Post A-Level Spanish Language 1/II PPLH4026B

Language levels

Each module consists of 3 hours of classes per week over the semester, plus approximately 10 hours a week personal study. There are 3 different levels:

Beginners level (A1 in the CEFRL)

Intermediate level (A2 in the CEFRL)

Post A level (B1 in the CEFRL)

Each language level consists of two modules which may be taken individually if desired.

Continuation language modules require a certain level of competence of that language which may need to be assessed by the tutor before enrolment. If you have studied the language before, please let us know.

Start dates

The spring semester begins week commencing 16 January 2017.