2016 Autumn Semester Seminar Series 2016 Autumn Semester Seminar Series

We are pleased to announce the Autumn Semester Programme for the 2016/17 Law School Research Seminar Series. 

All talks are scheduled on Wednesday's from 1-2pm in Earlham Hall 1.13.

Date Name Title
5 October Dr Nikos Skoutaris (Law School, UEA) Can Scotland and Northern Ireland Remain in the EU?
12 October Professor Andreas Stephan (Law School, UEA) Will UK Competition Law change following BREXIT? 
19 October Shaun Bradshaw (Law School, UEA)  Is a trade union an undertaking for the purposes of EU Competition Law?  
2 November Dr Chris Hanretty (School of Politics, Philosophy, Language and Communication Studies, UEA) Who writes on the Supreme Court? Lead opinions and concurrences
9 November Joe Purshouse (Law School, UEA)  Proportionate or Precautionary? The retention of non-conviction DNA and fingerprint data in England and Wales
16 November Professor David Mead (Law School, UEA)  The social utility of personal privacy - a theoretical and empirical investigation 
23 November Dr Albert Sanchez Graells (Law School, University of Bristol)  The emergence of trans-EU public law: public procurement as a case study 
30 November Professor Johan Van De Gronden (Faculty of Law, Radboud University)  Competition Law and Healthcare