2018 Spring Programme 2018 Spring Programme






16 January

EH 1.13

Dr. Charlotte Bendall
University of Birmingham

University "I am astounded that blame [...] doesn't seem to be given proper account [...] It just all seems very remote": What civil partnership dissolution can tell us about 'no fault' divorce'

(Hosted by Dr. Gemma Mitchell)

23 January

EH 1.

Dr. David Gibbs-Kneller
UEA Law School

The Contractarian Theory of the Corporation & the Paradox of Consent

6 February

EH 1.13

Ruth Flaherty
UEA Law School

Law'd of the (c)s: A Doctrinal Review of Copyright Law Exceptions in the Digital Age, UGC and Fan Fiction

13 February

EH 1.13

Dr. Gemma Mitchell
UEA Law School

Shared Parental Leave: Should Fathers be Entitled to Increased Maternity Pay?

27 February

EH 1.13

Dr. Nikos Skoutaris
UEA Law School

The Right of Self-Determination in The EU Constitutional Order

6 March

EH 1.13

Dr. Tola Amodu
UEA Law School

Vulnerability, Interdependence, Property Law and Community: The Case of The ‘Right to Rent’

13 March

EH 1.13

Prof. Mark Duffield
University of Bristol

From Circulation To Global Connectivity: Crisis and The Rise of Social-Robotics

(Hosted by Dr. Kirsten McConnachie)

(Time 15:30-17:00)

14 March

EH 0.12

Dr. Rebecca McDonald
University of Birmingham

How much do you value your personal data? An experimental approach.

(Hosted by Prof. Morten Hviid)

20 March

EH 1.13

Dr. David Mangan
City University of London

Influencer Marketing as Labor: Between the Public and Private Divide

(Hosted by Dr. Karen McCullagh)

27 March EH 1.13

Dr. David Erdros

University of Cambridge

The GDPR, DPAs and Professional Journalism:  Crafting a Co-Regulatory Approach? 

(Hosted by Dr. Sabine Jacques)

8 May EH 1.13

Dr. Estelle Derclaye

University of Nottingham

A Model Copyright/Design Interface:
Not an Impossible and Undesirable Task?

(Hosted by Dr. Karen McCullagh)

15 May EH 1.13

Dr. Annette Morris

University of Cardiff

The McDonaldization of Civil Justice: A Personal Injury Perspective 

(Hosted by Prof. Rob Heywood)

22 May

EH 1.13


Prof. Lorna McGregor

University of Essex

The Human Rights, Bid Data and Technology Project

(Hosted by Dr. Paul Bernal)

05 June EH 1.13

Elias Deutscher 

UEA Law School

12 June EH 1.13

Felix Hemple

UEA Law School

19 June EH 0.12

Prof. Adalheidur Johannsdottir

University of Iceland

Making Environmental Law Effective: Views on the Scope of Article 9(3) of the Aarhus Convention

(Hosted by Dr. Avidan Kent)

26 June EH 1.13

Dr. Angelika Reichstein

UEA Law School

Dying in Prison. A European Approach to a Dignified End of Life of Prisoners