Law Research Seminar Series Law Research Seminar Series

We are pleased to announce the Spring Semester Programme for the 2016/17 Law School Research Seminar Series. 

All talks are scheduled on Wednesday's from 1-2pm in Earlham Hall 1.13. 

*Dr Sarah Devaney's talk will take place on Monday 5 June. 

Date Name Title
25 January Dr Gemma Mitchell (Law School, UEA) A Right to Care: Consolidating and Strengthening UK Reconciliation Legislation
1 February Antje Kreutzmann-Gallasch (Law School, UEA) The Union's Renewable Energy Policy and the Role of the European Commission
15 February Prof Catherine Barnard (University of Cambridge) The benefit of benefits: the changing face of free movement in the EU
22 February Holly Hancock (Law School, UEA) A focus on understanding of photography and the law: an empirical perspective 
1 March Prof Nils Schaks (University of Mannheim)  Freedom of Assembly in Germany 
15 March Dr Angelika Reichstein (Law School, UEA)  A (European) right to die – a utopia? 
26 April  Tina Davey (Law School, UEA)  Post-Mortem Privacy: Does it Matter?
3 May  Dr Sabine Jacques (Law School, UEA)  The impact of Automated anti-piracy systems as copyright enforcement mechanism on digital cultural diversity: empirical study on Youtube’s Content ID digital fingerprinting technology 
10 May Dr Beverley Clough (University of Leeds)   Choosing the Lesser of Two Evils: Hollowing out Best Interests in the Mental Capacity Act
17 May  Reilly Willis (Law School, UEA) The Twittersphere: Driving Revolutions or Fuelling Regressions? An empirical study of women's rights campaigns
31 May  Dr Sebastian Peyer (Law School, UEA)  EU Damages Directive: stakeholder responses to public consultations  
5 June* Dr Sarah Devaney (University of Manchester) Regulating Reputations: Utilising a Relational Construct as a Regulatory Compliance Mechanism
Postponed Dr Nada Ali (Law School, UEA)  Lest We Sacrifice Justice on the Altar of Politics: the UNSC, the ICC, Asymmetry and Legitimacy
14 June  Dr Sarah Nouwen (University of Cambridge) So much self-determination, so little determination of the self; a Sudanese and South Sudanese story
Postponed  Dr Michael Hamilton (Law School, UEA) TBC
28 June Dr Tola Amodu (Law School, UEA) The (Im)possibility of an Island: Themes and Implications of the Right to Rent