An opportunity to share ideas and collaborate An opportunity to share ideas and collaborate

The Law School research seminar series provides an opportunity for members of staff from the Law School and elsewhere in the University to share ideas at different stages of development. Both staff and PhD students have presented papers to the series ranging from media and internet law to restitution and criminal law. It is an important part of our research environment. We also have external speakers from other Universities. Members of faculty also present in the Centre for Competition Policy research seminar series.

For further information please contact the Director of Research for the School: Professor Michael Harker 

We are pleased to announce the Spring Semester Semester Programme for the 2017/18 Law School Research Seminar Series. 

All talks are scheduled on Wednesday's from 1-2pm in Earlham Hall. 
*This talk will be held in The Enterprise Centre





24 January

TEC 0.07*

Dr Joe Purshouse
UEA Law School

’Paedophile Hunters’ and Criminal Procedure

7 February

EH 1.25

Felix Hempel
UEA Law School

IPSO, Ofcom, and the Mediengesetze der Länder

A comparative analysis of the right of reply in England, Wales, and Germany

14 February

EH 1.13

Dr Nikos Skoutaris
UEA Law School

The De-Europeanisation of Border Conflicts:
The Effect of Brexit on 3 Territorial Borders

7 March

EH 1.25

Dr Ana Ramalho
Maastricht University

Patentability of AI-generated inventions – Introduced by Dr Sabine Jacques

25 April

EH 1.25

Prof Liz Campbell
Durham University

Corporate Liability and the Criminalisation of Failure – Introduced by Dr Joe Purshouse

2 May

EH 1.13

Dr Gemma Mitchell
UEA Law School

Recognising the work of creating a family life for children: Foster carers and Employment law

9 May

EH 1.25

Dr Ananay Aguilar 
University of Cambidge

PPL and the management of performers' rights: a story of conflicting interests – Introduced by Dr Sabine Jacques

16 May

EH 1.25

Dr Markus Wagner
Warwick University

The Limits and Opportunities of (International) Law: Autonomous Weapons Systems as a Challenge for the International Community 

23 May

EH 1.13

Dr Craig Purshouse
University of Liverpool

Precedent, Principle and the Police: Duty of Care after Robinson and DSD – Introduced by Prof Rob Heywood

30 May

EH 1.13

Dr Angelika Reichstein
UEA Law School

A Right to Die for Prisoners

6 June

EH 1.25

Reilly Dempsey Willis
UEA Law School

Evaluating the impact of global Twitter campaigns on domestic women's rights: statistical modelling and analysis

13 June

EH 1.25

Prof Tarcisio Gazzini
UEA Law School

Challenges for the Legal Protection of Foreign Investment in Africa