An opportunity to share ideas and collaborate An opportunity to share ideas and collaborate

The Law School research seminar series provides an opportunity for members of staff from the Law School and elsewhere in the University to share ideas at different stages of development. Both staff and PhD students have presented papers to the series ranging from media and internet law to restitution and criminal law. It is an important part of our research environment. We also have external speakers from other Universities. Members of faculty also present in the Centre for Competition Policy research seminar series.

For further information please contact the Director of Research for the School: Professor Michael Harker 

We are pleased to announce the Spring Semester Programme for the 2016/17 Law School Research Seminar Series. 

All talks are scheduled on Wednesday's from 1-2pm in Earlham Hall 1.13. 

*Dr Sarah Devaney's talk will take place on Monday 5 June. 

Date Name Title
25 January Dr Gemma Mitchell (Law School, UEA) A Right to Care: Consolidating and Strengthening UK Reconciliation Legislation
1 February Antje Kreutzmann-Gallasch (Law School, UEA) The Union's Renewable Energy Policy and the Role of the European Commission
15 February Prof Catherine Barnard (University of Cambridge) The benefit of benefits: the changing face of free movement in the EU
22 February Holly Hancock (Law School, UEA) A focus on understanding of photography and the law: an empirical perspective 
1 March Prof Nils Schaks (University of Mannheim)  Freedom of Assembly in Germany 
15 March Dr Angelika Reichstein (Law School, UEA)  A (European) right to die – a utopia? 
26 April  Tina Davey (Law School, UEA)  Post-Mortem Privacy: Does it Matter?
3 May  Dr Sabine Jacques (Law School, UEA)  The impact of Automated anti-piracy systems as copyright enforcement mechanism on digital cultural diversity: empirical study on Youtube’s Content ID digital fingerprinting technology 
10 May Dr Beverley Clough (University of Leeds)   Choosing the Lesser of Two Evils: Hollowing out Best Interests in the Mental Capacity Act
17 May  Reilly Willis (Law School, UEA) The Twittersphere: Driving Revolutions or Fuelling Regressions? An empirical study of women's rights campaigns
31 May  Dr Sebastian Peyer (Law School, UEA)  EU Damages Directive: stakeholder responses to public consultations  
5 June* Dr Sarah Devaney (University of Manchester) Regulating Reputations: Utilising a Relational Construct as a Regulatory Compliance Mechanism
Postponed Dr Nada Ali (Law School, UEA)  Lest We Sacrifice Justice on the Altar of Politics: the UNSC, the ICC, Asymmetry and Legitimacy
14 June  Dr Sarah Nouwen (University of Cambridge) So much self-determination, so little determination of the self; a Sudanese and South Sudanese story
Postponed  Dr Michael Hamilton (Law School, UEA) TBC
28 June Dr Tola Amodu (Law School, UEA) The (Im)possibility of an Island: Themes and Implications of the Right to Rent