An opportunity to share ideas and collaborate An opportunity to share ideas and collaborate

The Law School research seminar series provides an opportunity for members of staff from the Law School and elsewhere in the University to share ideas at different stages of development. Both staff and PhD students have presented papers to the series ranging from media and internet law to restitution and criminal law. It is an important part of our research environment. We also have external speakers from other Universities. Members of faculty also present in the Centre for Competition Policy research seminar series.

For further information please contact the Director of Research for the School: Professor Michael Harker 

We are pleased to announce the Autumn Semester Programme for the 2017/18 Law School Research Seminar Series. 

All talks are scheduled on Wednesday's from 1-2pm in Earlham Hall. 
*This talk is scheduled from 2-3pm 

Date Name Title
25 October
EH 1.13
Dr David Gibbs (Law School, UEA) An empirical analysis of the statutory derivative claims: An agency theory framework
1 November
EH 1.13
Dr Michael Hamilton (Law School, UEA) Protest Monitoring and Standpoint Validity 
15 November
EH 1.25
Dr Nada Ali (Law School, UEA) Through a Glass Darkly: The ICC, the UNSC and the Quest for Justice in International Law
22 November
EH 1.25*
Prof Andrea Bianchi (The Graduate Institute, Geneva) Engaging with Theory - Why Bother?
29 November
EH 1.25
Dr Nick Scharf (Law School, UEA) Digital Rights Management: The Dark Side of Copyright, Ownership and Networks 
6 December
EH 1.25
Dr Sebastian Peyer (Law School, UEA)  Floodgates' arguments and their use in the English courts 
10 January
EH 0.12
Keren Wu (Law School, UEA)  The Interpretation of Aggregation Clauses in Reinsurance