An opportunity to share ideas and collaborate An opportunity to share ideas and collaborate

The Law School research seminar series provides an opportunity for members of staff from the Law School and elsewhere in the University to share ideas at different stages of development. Both staff and PhD students have presented papers to the series ranging from media and internet law to restitution and criminal law. It is an important part of our research environment. We also have external speakers from other Universities. Members of faculty also present in the Centre for Competition Policy research seminar series.

For further information please contact the Director of Research for the School: Professor Michael Harker 

We are pleased to announce the Spring Semester Programme for the 2018/19 Law School Research Seminar Series. 

All talks are scheduled on Wednesday's from 1-2pm in Earlham Hall. 





30 October

EH 1.25

Prof. Morten Hviid
UEA Law School

Gains-based Remedies: Esso v Niad Revisited

6 November

EH 1.25

Bradley Foster, Lilian Klein, Alex Lambert, Nimi Akano
UEA Law School

PGR Showcase

13 November 

EH 1.25

Jenny Young and Anush Ganesh
UEA Law School

Lampooning leaders, regulating political discourse


Digital competition policy perspectives from around the globe

20 November

EH 1.25

Dr. Karen McCullagh
UEA Law School

Data Protection & Immigration – Brexit-related changes and challenges

27 November

EH 1.25

Dr. Joe Purshouse
UEA Law School

Citizen-Led Policing and Human Rights

4 December EH 1.13

Dr. Sebastian Peyer

UEA Law School

Are cases too good to litigate? Cost recovery in antitrust collective actions in the UK

11 December EH 1.13

Dr. Sabine Jacques

UEA Law School

Sensory Art: making art accessible to persons with disabilities