Aspiring Solicitors Award Aspiring Solicitors Award

The Law School is delighted to announce the introduction of a new award aimed specifically at high-performing students who are aiming to become solicitors. 

Aspiring Solicitors Award

Aspiring Solicitors, the UK's leading diversity & inclusion organisation for aspiring solicitors, founded by UEA graduate and former international corporate lawyer, Chris White, is offering outstanding first year students on any of the LLB degrees awarded by the UEA a unique and exciting opportunity designed to significantly increase the likelihood of securing a Training Contract with your dream law firm.  

The Aspiring Solicitors Award will be awarded to two second year law students based on their academic performance in year one as well as their extra-curricular achievements. The recipient of the awards will receive one-to-one personal mentoring from a former Graduate Recruitment Manager of two leading international law firms. The recipient will be mentored on applications forms, interview techniques and assessment day performance and will also be invited to a number of lunches, dinners and events with Aspiring Solicitors throughout their second year at UEA law school.  

Selection of Award Winners 

The 8 students with the best overall results in their first year of LLB studies will be invited to apply for the Aspiring Solicitors Award. The successful students will be selected by a committee of at least two members of the Law School academic staff on the basis of the following criteria :

  • Academic performance in the first year
  • Intending, or at least considering, becoming a solicitor and with a right to work in the UK
  • Range and quality of extracurricular activities whilst at UEA (whether or not those activities are UEA-related)
  • Whether nominees come from a group under-represented in the solicitors' profession
  • Absence of factors, such as conduct, raising questions as to the appropriateness of their being a prize winner of this award. 

The 8 students will be asked to supply a c.v and a statement in support and the committee reserves the right to interview in order to make a selection.