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In May 2011, UEA established a new Centre for Japanese Studies (CJS). Located within the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at UEA, the Centre for Japanese Studies leads and coordinates Japan-related teaching and research at the University.

CJS will help students interested in studying about Japan access a wide range of expertise across the University and the Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures.

CJS is dedicated to developing a centre of excellence in Japanese studies at UEA, whilst stimulating the highest quality interdisciplinary research on Japan in Norwich.

The centre encourages the study of Japanese Arts, Language and Culture through a wide range of interdisciplinary degrees. Our world-class research networks aim to develop a deeper understanding of Japan and its place in the wider world of the past, present and future.




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Introductory International Development Studies Course in Tokyo 18-22 March!

'Key Issues in Development Studies' Taught in Tokyo by UEA's Dr Lucio Esposito

Read More:    (02.02.2017)


Centre for Japanese Studies Newsletter Spring 2017   Click Here  (01.02.2017)


UEA International Summer School: Japan Orientation (24 June-21 July 2017)

CJS is delighted to again offer our ‘Japan Orientation’ module as part of the UEA International Summer School. The programme will run from 24 June – 21 July and is accredited for 20 UK undergraduate credits for students who wish to transfer credit back to their home degree. This exciting module is being offered for the fourth year, and in 2017 will be convened by Mami Mizutori, Special Adviser for Japanese Studies at UEA with CJS Director Simon Kaner. The module focuses upon the latest approaches to Japanese studies and offers more than 40 taught hours combined with academic fieldtrips, guest lectures and experiential learning. The programme is generously supported by the Toshiba International Foundation (TIFO) with 12 fully funded places on offer for students from the Visegrad Group (V4) countries, and 3 additional scholarships offered for UK and EU students by the Sainsbury Institute. The programme is also supported and promoted by the Japan Foundation. Scholarship applications close on 31 March, and we require interested students to also submit an online application for the programme by this date.  Read More:  (updated: 19.01.2017)


Daiwa Scholarship in Japanese Studies (Deadline: Thursday 26 January)

This scholarship is to fund postgraduate students of Japanese Studies on courses either in Japan or the U.K. Applicants must be British citizens who are holders of a degree in Jpaanese Studies.  Click Here for further information.    (updated: 19.01.2017)


JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship (Long Term)
Application Deadline: Tuesday, 7th March 2017
Fellowships must be started between 1st September to 30th November 2017

This fellowship provides the opportunity for U.K. and EU researchers based outside of Japan to conduct collaborative research activities in the fields of the natural sciences, including physics, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, engineering science, agricultural and medical research (non-clinical only) with leading research groups at Japanese universities and research institutions for visits of between 12 to 24 months.
Read More:       (19.01.2017)


An Article on the UEA International Summer School 'Japan Orientation' in the Sainsbury Institute's e-Newsletter

Click Here    (18.11.2016)


Simon Kaner in Japan

This summer CJS Director Dr Simon Kaner is busy in Japan visiting heritage sites in the Northern Japan with U.K. archaeologists (see NHK Akita News)prior to The 8th World Archaeological Congress, Kyoto. (22.08.2016)


Visit by International University of Health and Welfare

UEA's School of Health Sciences welcomed Mr Takeshi Tokue and a group of 8 nursing and medical science students from Fukuoka.  During the 10 day programme, students visited hospitals and institutions and learnt the differences between U.K. and Japanese health systems.  This programme was organised and lead by Dr Gibson D'Cruz, Associate Tutor.   (22.08.2016)     


World Archaeological Twinning: Grimes Graves in Norfolk - Hoshikuso Obsidian Mining Site in Nagano 

CJS helped with a visit by delegates from Nagawa Town Council and secondary school children, School Day and Family Fun Day. 

Read More:   (26.07.2016)


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