Seminars led by influential speakers from around the world Seminars led by influential speakers from around the world

The School of International Development has a lively research community and regularly invites speakers from across the world.

Wednesday seminars are usually held at 3.30pm

Friday seminars are usually held at 12pm

If seminars are held at times or dates that are outside our usual sessions, the times are stated in the seminar list below.

Seminar Organiser: Paul Clist

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Upcoming 2019 Spring Research Seminars

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Wednesday 16th January

Hannah Hoechner

EDU & DEV Seminar Series:

Senegalese migrants’ children, homeland ‘returns’, and Islamic education in a transnational setting

ARTS 2.01

Friday 18th January

Sejuti Das Gupta

Farmers matter in a new India’s political settlement: discontinuous agrarian policy and new class formations

ARTS 0.28

Wednesday 23rd January

Elena Zepharovich

Environmental justice in land use change. Perceptions of deforestation in the Argentinean Chaco.

ARTS 2.01

Friday 25th January

Tejendra Pherali

EDU & DEV Seminar Series:

Higher education and peace building: north-south partnership for academic development in Somaliland

ARTS 2.03

Wednesday 30th January

Samir Jeraj

Grenfell – a Neoliberal disaster?

C.HALL 0.13

Friday 1st February

Miguel Lim

EDU & DEV Seminar Series:

Concepts and practices of quality: higher education in developing countries

ARTS 2.03

Wednesday 6th February

John Young

How research, monitoring, evaluation and learning can contribute to better development

ARTS 2.01

Friday 8th February

Nidhi Singal

EDU & DEV Seminar Series:

Moving beyond learning: schooling children with disabilities in South Asia.

ARTS 0.28

Wednesday 13th February

Anika Haque

Adaptation to flooding in low-income urban settlements of the least developed countries: a systems approach

ARTS 2.01

Friday 15th February

Adrian Gonzalez

Environmental (in)justice, access and recognition in Peru’s Loreto region; an investigation through the political ecology of voice (PEV)

ARTS 0.28

Wednesday 20th February

Philipp Horn & Shalini Sharma

Indigenous Urbanisation, Two Perspectives - India and Bolivia/Ecuador


Friday 1st March

Eric Ewoh Opu



Wednesday 6th March

Sunil Kumar

The Importance of being earliest: Birth order and educational outcomes along the socio-economic ladder in Mexico

ARTS 2.84

Wednesday 13th March Mark Duffield

From circulation to global connectivity: Crisis and the rise of social-robotics

EH 0.12

Friday 15th March

Teresa Armijos Burneo & Roger Few

Moving with risk: using the creative arts to strengthen research on displacement and disasters

ARTS 0.28

Wednesday 20th March

David Rubyan-Ling



Friday 22nd March Rinchen Lama

Politics of Precarity: exploring local agency in hydropower development projects in Darjeeling Himalayas

ARTS 2.03
Wednesday 27th March Jorg Wiegratz

The politics of (fighting) economic fraud in neoliberal Uganda

ARTS 2.84
Friday 29th March Carole White, Ruth Pinto & Liliana Bastian

Marine and Coastal Environmental Justice in Malaysia, Indonesia and the UK

ARTS 0.28
Wednesday 1st May Roger Few

Adaptation at Scale in the Dry Lands of East Africa

ARTS 2.01
Friday 3rd May Barbara Befani



Thursday 9th May


Qing Gu

EDU & DEV Seminar Series:

Early career teachers’ wellbeing, effectiveness and retention: a mixed methods study in China

LSB 0.112
Wednesday 15th May Marco Di Nunzio

The act of living. Street life, marginality and development in urban Ethiopia

ARTS 01.01


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