Seminars led by influential speakers from around the world Seminars led by influential speakers from around the world

The School of International Development has a lively research community and regularly invites speakers from across the world.

Wednesday seminars are usually held at 3.30pm

Seminar Organiser: Paul Clist

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2017 Spring Semester Seminars:





18th January

Marie-Lou Lecuyer

Why might jaguar management be seen as unfair? Construction of the feeling of justice in biodiversity conflicts

Arts 0.31

8th February Lola Gostelow DEV-X #3: Lola Gostelow (Save the Children UK; Emergency Nutrition Network; European Commission)

SCI 3.05 1-2pm

8th February Barbara Harriss-White Development, Waste and Caste in India (and beyond) Arts 01.08
15th February Gina Reinhardt Aiding disaster: Does development assistance build resilience, or exacerbate vulnerabilities? QUE 0.17
8th March Bill Marsden DEV-X #4: Bill Marsden (Mine Advisory Group; Save the Children UK)

C. Hall 0.13

8th March Tatiana Thieme Hustling on the edges of austerity economies: Reflections from the urban south of Nairobi and London QUE 1.17
10th March Tim Forster & Jola Miziniak Oxfam's Sustainable WASH Programming: Tackling the challenges of growing water insecurity and inequality Arts 0.30 12-1pm
24th March Floris Burgers Learned helplessness among smallholder farmers in eastern Uganda

Arts 0.30 12-1pm

20th & 21st April Eliana La Ferrara & Macartan Humphreys 2017 Symposium on Economic Experiments in Developing Countries (SEEDEC). Booking essential. JSC
26th April Marion Molteno DEV-X #5: Marion Molteno (Commonwealth prize-winning author; Save the Children UK; Child to Child Trust) C. Hall 0.13
3rd May Tom Cowan From the village to the city: producing Gurgaon, India's "Millenium City" Arts 01.18
5th May Yann Lebeau & Monica Lopez Ramirez International student mobilities in context- a focus on 3 generations of students from Mexico Arts 2.03 12-1pm
12th May Tim Longman Memory and Justice in Post-Genocide Rwanda

Arts 0.30