Seminars led by influential speakers from around the world Seminars led by influential speakers from around the world

The School of International Development has a lively research community and regularly invites speakers from across the world.

Wednesday seminars are usually held at 3.30pm

Seminar Organiser: Paul Clist

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2016 Autumn Semester Seminars:





5th Oct

Neha Hui

The price paid for earning more: Earning differential between sex work and domestic work in India

Arts 2.01

12th Oct

Dario Kenner

Global Environmental Justice and Ecosystem Services

Arts 2.03

19th Oct

Dustin Garrick The Resurgence of Water Markets: Has the 'future of water policy' arrived? Arts 2.03

26th Oct

Jamie Linton Water Security and the Vinca Dam in the Eastern Pyrenees Region of France

Arts 2.01

27th Oct

Rebecca Farnum The Hydrosocial Spiral: Exploring Human-Water Interactions through Participatory Modelling

Arts 0.30


9th Nov Enrique Dussel Mexico and China: Challenges in Trade Investment (2000-2016) Arts 2.03
11th Nov Els Lecoutere Fairness and efficiency in smallholder farming: the relation with intra-household decision making

CAP 1.17 12-1pm

16th Nov

Duncan Green

How Change Happens- Book Launch with Q&A

Arts 01.02

16th Nov Dolf Te Lintelo From Index to impact? Process tracing the policy impact of the Hunger and Nutrition Commitment Index (HANCI)  Arts 2.01
16th Nov Jon Moen Land use conflicts in the north of Sweden Arts 0.29
18th Nov Kalpana Ram Mutamma, Tamil Dalit spirit healer and community leader: a provocation to our received understandings of agency and political leadership QUE 2.21

23rd Nov

Kevin Glynn

Refiguring Indigenous Criminality in Maori Media

Arts 1.05


30th Nov Chris Armstrong Fairly distributing the costs of conservation TPSC 2.01

1st Dec

Nathanial Matthews Weighing the trade-offs of rapid economic growth in the Greater Mekong region

Arts 0.30 1-4pm

7th Dec Tom Rosewell Application of a relational approach to international development: what lessons can we learn to maximise impact on the ground?

TPSC 2.01

14th Dec Lena Jeha Benefit sharing mechanisms in Mount Elgon, Uganda Arts 2.03