In 2005 the University implemented a new unified structure for the pay and grading of staff, replacing a multitude of pay scales, single salary points and a range of different job grading schemes applying to different categories of staff.

Our unified pay structure and single job evaluation scheme, HERA, ensures that different roles being performed across the University can be directly compared with each other and rewarded at a consistent and fair level, based on the role requirements and level of responsibility.

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Academic Teaching and Research (ATR) - August 2019 Pay Award [PDF]

Academic Teaching and Scholarship (ATS) - August 2019 Pay Award [PDF]

Clinical Academic Staff - April 2020 Pay Award [PDF]
Clinical Academic Pay Scales are applied in accordance with the most recent UCEA guidance

Administrative, Library and Computer Staff (ALC) - August 2019 Pay Award [PDF]

Research and Analogous Staff (RA) - August 2019 Pay Award [PDF]

Associate Tutors (AT) - August 2019 Pay Award [PDF]

Technical Staff (TC) - April 2020 [PDF]

Secretarial and Clerical Staff (SC) - April 2020 [PDF]

Nursery Staff (NU) - August 2019 Pay Award [PDF]

Dental Nurse/Receptionist (DA) - August 2019 Pay Award [PDF]

Sportspark Staff (SP) - April 2020 [PDF]

General Grades (GG) - April 2020 [PDF]

Maintenance Staff (MAINT) - April 2020 [PDF]

Local Chef and Head Chef - August 2019 Pay Award [PDF]

SCVA Gallery Assistants - August 2019 Pay Award [PDF]