Seminar Highlights 2015 Seminar Highlights 2015

Wednesday 2 December

"Finding the right dose in response adaptive trials with an example of a completed trial investigating Proleukin in newly diagnosed diabetic participants."

Speaker: Dr Adrian Mander, Hub Director, MRC Biostatistics Unit Hub for Trials Methodology Research, Cambridge Institute of Public Health.

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Wednesday 18 November - Seminar and Workshop

"Is there a clearer role for Telecare in Adult Health and Social Care that will deliver better outcomes for older people?"

Speaker: Dr John Woolham, Research Fellow in Social Care, Social, Therapeutic and Community Studies, Faculty of Health & Life Sciences, Coventry University.

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Wednesday 21 October

"Ontario’s Invisible Workforce: Examining the Relationships between Health Support Workers’ Work Environments, Attitudes & Outcomes". 

Speaker: Dr Whitney Berta, University of Toronto, Institute of Health Policy, Management & Evaluation, Dalla Lana School of Public Health.

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Wednesday 8 July

"QUalitative Enquiry Supporting Trials (QUEST): Enhancing the use of qualitative methods in clinical trials research".

Speaker: Prof Frances Rapport, Professor of Qualitative Health Research Swansea, University College of Medicine. 

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Wednesday 13 May - Seminar and workshop/informal debate and discussion

"The Consequence of Age Stereotypes: Observational and Experimental Evidence".

Speaker: Dr Hannah Swift, Eastern ARC Research Fellow, School of Psychology, University of Kent.

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Wednesday 29 April - Seminar and Workshop

"Evidencing patient-centred intervention and outcome measurement in stroke rehabilitation: Developing and applying comprehensive search strategies to locate the evidence." 

Speaker: Dr Maggie Lawrence, Stroke Association Senior Research Training Fellow, Institute for Applied Health Research, Glasgow Caledonian University.

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Thursday 23 April - Qualitative Research Advanced Symposium

"Shifting the balance? Perspectives on the relationships between qualitative research and participation"

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Wednesday 15 April

"Moving Disability-Related Instruction and Experience into U.S. Health Care Training Programs?"

Speaker: Ken Robey, Fulbright Specialist Programme.

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Wednesday 25 March - Seminar and Workshop

"Fair dinkum data for access to water:  How should we engage communities to take part in generating and managing data which will benefit them directly and fairly?"

Speaker: Jo-Anne Geere, Lecturer in Physiotherapy, School of Health Sciences, UEA.

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Wednesday 18 March - Seminar and informal discussion and questions

"Treating Sexually Harmful Teenage Males: longitudinal research with a therapeutic community".

Speaker: Gwyneth Boswell, Visiting Professor School of Health Sciences, Peter Wedge, Emeritus Professor, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, and Annie Moseley, Senior Research Fellow, Boswell Research Fellows.

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Wednesday 18 February - Seminar and Workshop

"Research saved my life:  From research as enemy to research as friend in shaping health and social care policy, services and support'"

(Seminar 1pm, Follow-up Practitioner Workshop 2pm)

Speaker: Prof Peter Beresford, Professor of Social Policy, Brunel University London, Visiting Professor to School of Health Sciences, UEA and Co-chair, Shaping our Lives.

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Practitioner Workshop Details: This workshop will take forward ideas emerging from the seminar session, responding particularly to ideas and challenges raised by participants either from the seminar or from their own work to examine:  * how to make user involvement in research real, * dealing with the tensions between traditional research values and real life concerns, * re-valuing practitioner knowledge in research.  This will be a safe user-friendly session for anyone who ever felt anxious about research – for whatever reason – but still wants to learn more! 

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Tuesday 10 February

"Health and Volunteering"

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Speaker: David Horton SMITH, Ph.D. (Harvard), Research and Emeritus Professor of Sociology, Boston College, Chestnut Hill, USA; Honorary Visiting Professor of Sociology, School of Health Sciences.   

Wednesday 21 January

"Why use mixed methods in feasibility studies?  Lessons from the FeSTIvALS trial of a stroke rehabilitation later after stroke?"  

Speaker: Dr Jane Cross, Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy, School of Health Sciences, University of East Anglia.

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