Impacts on human development, functioning and rehabilitation Impacts on human development, functioning and rehabilitation

Predictors and consequences of communicative and cognitive difficulties
We use secondary analysis of large datasets to explore the factors associated with communicative and cognitive difficulties. Our aim is to inform national and international policy and practice in areas such as developmental speech and language disorders, and child abuse and neglect. By determining how participation and wellbeing are addressed along the stroke pathway, we develop innovative approaches to working and supporting people with aphasia.

Ecological interventions for inclusion and societal (re-)integration
We are also establishing new approaches to involving and supporting people with aphasia and their families through experience-based design and developing contextualised interventions. Current collaborations involve local and national stakeholders and international partners. Using inclusive development approaches, we are focusing on sustainable approaches for children with developmental disabilities and their caregivers in sub-Saharan Africa.

Targeted interventions for communication
We use various psychological approaches to address the psychosocial issues associated with communication difficulties. For example, we are developing approaches to support language processing of information by determining the processes and products relating to adapted, health-based information for people with intellectual disabilities. We are investigating narrative-based approaches for children and young people with severe to profound intellectual disabilities to promote the sharing of personal stories and carer attunement in social interaction. 

Interested in joining us?
We have a solid track record in building the capacity of, and supporting, aspiring clinicians from non-medical professions. We welcome inquiries from patients and their families, as well as prospective postgraduate students, researchers and healthcare professionals and collaborators. For more information, contact Karen Bunning.

Theme members: 

Karen Bunning (Theme Lead)

Paul Brewah

Susan Buell

Verity Chester

Meg Kamble

Jan McAllister

Julie Pass