Person-centred care, workforce, unpaid carers & decision making Person-centred care, workforce, unpaid carers & decision making

An important focus of our group is promoting health and wellbeing through improvements in health and social care. Our researchers are working on:

  • optimising diagnostics and monitoring
  • improving care and support for patients and informal carers living with advanced disease
  • improving outcomes after surgery
  • improving clinical decision making in many different healthcare settings
  • creating sustainable health and social care workforces through promoting health and wellbeing
  • person-centred health literacy interventions

Interested in joining us?

We have a solid track record in building the capacity of, and supporting, aspiring clinicians from non-medical professions. We welcome inquiries from patients and their families, as well as prospective postgraduate students, researchers and healthcare professionals and collaborators.

For more information, contact Morag Farquhar and Kristy Sanderson.

Theme members:

Morag Farquhar (Theme Lead)

Kristy Sanderson (Theme Lead)

Clare Aldus

Diane Bunn

Emma Brown

Jackie Buck

Lucy Clark

Emma English

Wendy Hardeman

Emma Harris

Becky Hill

Julie Houghton

Stephanie Howard Wilsher

Meghana Kamble

Kathleen Lane

Jane McCulloch

Jamie Murdoch

Tom Porter

Gabby Thorpe