Examining equity in global health and social wellbeing Examining equity in global health and social wellbeing

An understanding of inclusion is now vital to research and action for equity in health and social wellbeing. It is relevant to marginalised groups, such as those living:

  • in poor socioeconomic conditions
  • in long-term care
  • with disabilities that affect communication, cognition and psychosocial functioning.

With mass migration across ever-more technologised societies, inclusion is key to reducing tensions between standardising healthcare and delivering it to increasingly diverse populations. 

We focus our research aims and methods on examining mechanisms and health outcomes linked to inclusion, mutual understanding and collaborative research in and with communities and institutions. To achieve this, we use a range of innovative quantitative, qualitative and social science-related methodologies.

Interested in joining us?

We have a solid track record in building the capacity of, and supporting, aspiring clinicians from non-medical professions. We welcome inquiries from patients and their families, as well as prospective postgraduate students, researchers and healthcare professionals and collaborators. For more information, contact Fiona Poland (Theme Lead).

Theme members:

Fiona Poland (Theme Lead)

Linda Birt

Priti Biswas

Donna Clements

Jane Cross

Monica Curran

Katherine Deane

Esra Hamdan

Nigel Lambert

Kathleen Lane

Matthew Lariviere

Marie McGee

Bridget Penhale

Tom Shakespeare

Anna Varley