What our students say What our students say

The CLiP program really altered my perspective as a student. I was engaged, enthralled and enthusiastic throughout. Being coached during a procedure instilled the processes and practices more efficiently and allowed me to develop my own style as I improved as a nurse. The structure of the paperwork and the case study made it so much easier to achieve my learning outcomes as well. The confidence I have acquired from this experience has fuelled my growth as a person and as a nurse.


Chris Boldero
2nd year 
Student Nurse (Adult)

What do our students say?

We asked our students who spent their month long spoke placement at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Kings Lynn what they thought about the CLiP approach to learning. Here are some of the comments we received: 

  • Felt responsible  

  • Fantastic

  • Felt part of the team  

  • Allowed to collaborate with a variety of AHP’s  

  • Confidence boost (2nd year nursing student)

  • Very useful  

  • Furthered my learning (2nd year nursing student)

  • Very effective way to learn

  • Independence to look after 3 patients

  • More aware of nurses role 

  • Always busy (1st year nursing student)

  • Really enjoyed it

  • CLiP increased my confidence (1st year nursing student)

  • Challenging but feel more competent and confident 

  • More autonomous (3rd year nursing student)

  • Enjoyed working independently

  • Good preparation for future practice

  • Built confidence and skills (3rd year nursing student)

  • Enjoyed CLiP placement

  • Good to be managing care and organising (3rd year nursing student)

Adam Feary
Clinical Educator
Queen Elizabeth Hospital Trust

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