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Julian Hospital

By using the approach the CLiP students/project have been doing, it has given a more specific structured focus to the placement for them and ward staff to learn from and by being more focused in specified learning around the wholeness of the person and what is needed to ensure a smooth transition in the persons’ care. Having all three years of students at the same time has encouraged ward staff to have an increasing awareness of how levels of competency are pitched to ensure competent learning and encouraged the students to be mentors to each other. This have been evident when learning new skills in the practice area.This has been seen in the increased level of marking for placement outcomes for all levels of students.


Ronald Simpson
Sandringham Ward
Julian Hospital

Health Education East of England 

We gave some examples of feedback about the project in last month’s blog and always keen to ensure we keep developing and improving CLiP as it continues to roll out across Norfolk, we were thrilled to receive a copy of this thank you card sent to Karen Thom, Clinical Educator CLiP, James Paget University Hospital from the students she had supported in the first cohort. 


The ‘Icing on the Cake’ was a visit to two of our CLiP sites on 20 October by Lord Willis of Knaresborough who is leading the national Shape of Caring review for Health Education England which was commissioned by Health Education England (HEE) and National Midwifery Council (NMC).