An innovative approach to healthcare education An innovative approach to healthcare education

The School of Health Sciences in partnership with Health Education East of England and our practice partners including Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, James Paget University Hospital, East Coast Community Healthcare, Norfolk Community Health and Care NHS Trust, Queen Elizabeth Hospital and the Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust have been piloting an exciting project to deliver a different way of practice learning called Collaborative Learning in Practice (CLiP)™. 

The Study

Learning in practice is a vital and substantial component of student nursing preparation, comprising some 50 per cent of dedicated learning time and is central to developing a competent and compassionate nursing workforce.

This project is gaining national recognition because not only does it help with placement capacity but early feedback demonstrates that it significantly enhances the quality of the learning environment.

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"The UEA CLiP™ has the potential to increase both the quality of learning in practice and the capacity to support students. Our purpose as a school is to tackle some of the most pressing health challenges and to prepare our students for the real world of health care. So we are constantly looking at international best practice and we were keen to examine how the model of practice learning at VU University in Amsterdam could inform our aim to innovate in this area.

CLiP™ is underpinned by a coaching philosophy and goes beyond the regular provision of support for students in practice who can expect 40-50 per cent of their time with a mentor. Now, students are under the constant supervision of a coach, who does not concurrently have responsibility for patients other than those that their students are caring for. Furthermore, coaches are themselves supported by a clinical educator who provides guidance in the practice setting on coaching strategies to enable students to achieve their objectives.

We are currently evaluating this work but early feedback from students suggests that they report increasing levels in confidence in practice in comparison with our standard approach. Academic staff have designed range of supporting materials for CLiP™ and play an essential part in the preparation and continuing support of coaches and mentors in CLiP™ environments. The enthusiasm of our practice partner organisations to embrace this and to take CLiP™ into a wider range of settings has been remarkable."

Professor Val Lattimer, Former Head of School, School of Health Sciences

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The School of Health Sciences would be happy to talk about the CLiP™ project in more detail with interested partners. Contact us about how we can help support you to deliver innovative health education within your organisation.

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