UEA Endorsement of Training and Education Provision UEA Endorsement of Training and Education Provision

UEA has endorsed continuing professional development certified training and education provision delivered by The Jeesal Group.

Endorsement allows an institution to use the UEA’s logo on its internal and external materials to show that its education provision is comparable with the UEA Health Sciences School’s mandatory and skills training. It does not involve any UEA teaching or provision, or delivery of UEA awards.

The partnership 

The Jeesal Group sought UEA endorsement of its training provision. Most of the courses are part of Jeesal’s staff induction and development programme, which is provided by its training and development officer to nearly 400 students every year. These courses cover dementia, epilepsy, first aid, positive behaviour support, supervision with coaching skills, domestic abuse, safeguarding, medication management, effective communication, autism spectrum disorder, the Mental Capacity Act, learning disabilities and end-of-life care.

The challenge

As this was the first UEA endorsement partnership, it was important to develop proportionate and appropriate oversight mechanisms. These needed to:
•    ensure that the endorsed provision was of a suitable quality and standard 
•    provide Jeesal with the benefits of a relationship with UEA
•    not be too resource intensive for UEA or Jeesal
•    involve staff with the appropriate knowledge and expertise
•    allow Jeesal the flexibility to amend programmes in a timely manner.
UEA reviewed Jeesal’s course materials, observed its teaching and reviewed its website and marketing materials.

The work

Jeesal’s entire training provision was reviewed as part of a formal approval process to ensure UEA was satisfied with the quality of both the content and delivery of provision. Since endorsement, the UEA–Jeesal Training Monitoring Group, which has members from both organisations, continues to monitor Jeesal’s educational provision.

The results

Andrew Gordon, Director of Business Development, HR & Communications at The Jeesal Group, stated: “Being recognised by the UEA as an endorsed training provider is a real privilege and The Jeesal Group is proud to have such an association with our local university. The message it sends to our staff and would-be employees is a strong one, showing the value we place on professional education.”