Achieving potential without discrimination Achieving potential without discrimination

Our Disability Liaison Officer (DLO) helps students with matters relating to their disability and any effects there may be on academic work directly or within the School more broadly. DLOs support students in sign-posting to other University services who can assist with specific questions or difficulties. 

HSC Student Zone, an online resource tool for students, contains a section for students with additional learning needs including links to relevant sources of support and documentation. 

Student clubs and societies provide students with the opportunities to share interests, make new friends and develop new skills. 

The School also works with service users, who support us with student interviews and assessments, and are members of our various course committees. They provide insight and feedback on actual experiences and contribute to curriculum development ensuring it meets the needs of current health and social care patients. A service user can be anyone who shares insight and knowledge gained through their own life experiences and may have experience of illness or disability or of caring for other people. They may have experienced conflict or be a retired professional using their experience to shape education. This allows us to provide care and develop services in ways that are better suited to the needs of everyone involved and support independent living. We are currently developing a service user handbook to used by service users and staff as a resource and sign posting tool.