Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research

The Tyndall Centre was founded in 2000 to conduct cutting edge, interdisciplinary research, and provide a conduit between scientists and policymakers.

With nearly 200 members ranging from PhD researchers to Professors, the Tyndall Centre represents a substantial body of the UK’s climate change expertise from across the scientific, engineering, social science and economic communities.

The Tyndall Centre has since 2000 significantly advanced the fundamental analysis of emission reduction from all major energy sectors, the understanding of climate impacts, risks, and adaptation options, the public perceptions of climate change, and the governance of climate negotiations and policymaking. 

From 2000 to 2010 the Tyndall Centre was core-funded to a total of £19m by the Natural Environment Research Council, the Engineering and Physical Science research Council, and the Economic and Social Research Council. In the year since core funding came to end, Tyndall partners receives several million per year in project funding, including from public and private consultations on how to respond to climate change.


The Tyndall Centre is governed by a Council made of partner representatives and theme leaders, and advised by a Strategic Director. Tyndall Council provides intellectual leadership to the Tyndall Centre and makes decisions.

The annual Assembly of the Tyndall Centre brings together all members to stimulate new ideas, respond to emerging trends and issues, focus priorities and sharpen our long-term strategic orientation.

The Tyndall Centre Headquarters provides expert communication and administrative support to the network.

Council members are: Kevin Anderson, Stuart Capstick, Alistair Ford, Carly McLachlan, Asher Minns, Robert Nicholls, Naomi Vaughan, Rachel WarrenClaire HoolohanOliver Heidrich, Rachel CarmentaRichard Dawson, Mark Tebboth, Johanna ForsterAlejandro Gallego-Schmid, Lois Pennington, Angela Mae Minas and Ruth Wood


The Tyndall network of universities

The Tyndall Centre is a unique partnership between the universities of East Anglia (Headquarters), Cardiff, Manchester, Newcastle, Sussex and Fudan University in Shanghai.

University of East Anglia (UEA)

The Tyndall Centre at UEA spans the faculties of Sciences and Social Sciences, represented by researchers from the School of Environmental Sciences, the School of Global Development, the Norwich Business School, and the School of Psychology.
Learn more about the the UEA researchers involved in the centre