I was one a team of three Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) members who were trained to work with the research team and conduct observations in acute hospital wards for PERFECTED.

I was inspired to get involved by my experience of supporting my mother who fell and broke her hip whilst in the early stages of Alzheimer's. I joined the PERFECTED Service User Advisory Group in September 2014.  

"Observing on the ward was quite an eye-opener since the quality of care has improved so much since my mum was in there. I feel privileged to take part in a project that pushes the level of patient experience even higher. Mum had two stressful weeks in hospital and came out with very little self-confidence. That should never happen to someone in her situation and I believe that PERFECTED is key to helping."

Stevie Vanhegan
SUAG (Service User Advisory Group) member and Lay Researcher / PPI for the PERFECTED Programme


Speaking of her involvement in PERFECTED Angela says: “The role of public involvement is vitally important because we bring a totally different dimension to the research process by showing how it feels to be a carer of a person with dementia and how it feels to be the person with dementia. That is hugely important and until recently that has been overlooked by researchers.”

Angela Clayton-Turner
Programme Advisory Group PPI member 


Esther who has a background in clinical and educational work began representing patients and the public in research work in 1999.

Esther has a particular interest in dementia;  "In the last years I have been particularly anxious to ensure that people with dementia receive the best possible care and have worked in Norfolk strategically to ensure this."

Esther Harris
PPI member