How do orchards end?

What happens to orchards when they become no more?

Barberry - in traditional orchards?

Most traditional orchards consisted only of grass between the fruit trees, which was grazed or cut for hay. But in many a range of soft fruit was also cultivated.

Chivers Orchards

I am always amazed at how it is possible to come across unexpected connections. Last Thursday I worked as a poll clerk for the first time. The polling station to which I was allocated was in...

Springtime recipes!

March and April can be a difficult time for traditional fruit based cooking - especially after a warm late winter, early spring, such as the worrying record breaking (20 degree plus) February...

February Recipes - warm winter apples

Here are some suggestions for freezing February - a good way to use up any stored cookers.

January recipes - with red cabbage!

More of Monica's wintry recipes - including red cabbage braised with bramley.

A visit to the Oval, Harpenden

Prof Tom Williamson on some discoveries on a visit to the orchard at the The Oval, in Harpenden.

December recipes

Red cabbage apple and celery salad This is a sort of a cross between a Waldorf Salad and a Coleslaw! It is a good winter salad which goes well with cold meat and baked potatoes --- good for...

A country house in Norfolk

Prof Tom Williamson has been out and about at some of the most fascinating orchards our surveyors have uncovered - and picking some apple identification skills too!  ...

How to select fruit trees and varieties for community orchards

This list is an aide memoire for people helping to select trees for new plantings as community orchards. Species and Varieties: The orchard will be owned by the community, and the community...
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