Globalisation and Corporate Social Responsibility

Globalisation poses many challenges as well as opportunities for developing countries. It has led to some countries, particularly the BRICS, becoming significant players in the global political economy.  

It has been associated with increased reliance on markets in many countries often with negative social and environmental consequences. Business has had to respond to this with a greater emphasis being put on corporate responsibility and corporate accountability.

The Research Group explores these issues at the macro, meso and micro levels. At the macro level, research has focussed on aspects of global environmental governance and on North-South trade relations and the implications of the rise of the BRICs, particularly China, for other developing countries. At the sectoral level, there has been a particular focus on extractive industries looking at the debates around the "resource curse" and the social and environmental impacts of oil, gas and mining. At the micro level, aspects of the relationship between global corporations and local communities have been studied in Oceania, Africa and Latin America.

Corporate Social Responsibility is a cross-cutting theme which intersects with many of these interests.  Research has addressed aspects of environmental sustainability, the social impact of business, and the implications of globalisation for labour and human rights.