JellyMonitor - Innovate UK Funded Research 

Project Ref 102072

The problems resulting from jellyfish clogging seawater intake screens of coastal power nuclear power stations is a concern for both safety, security of supply and operational cost.

JellyMonitor aims to develop a portable imaging platform that will detect jellyfish near to water intakes and provide an early warning of jellyfish ingress.

The School of Computing Sciences is investigating, developing and evaluating algorithms for automatic processing of video surveillance imagery from optical and acoustic underwater camera systems in order to estimate densities of jellyfish within the water column.

This, together with information from other sources (e.g. prevailing weather conditions, water temperature, time of year, knowledge of prior impingement events, etc.) will be used provide early warning of the probable threat of impingements to water intake systems. 




Cefas Technology Ltd.Centre for Environment, Fisheries & Aquaculture ScienceEDF Energy R&D UK Centre Ltd.

Research team

Dr Michal MackiewiczMr Geoff French, and Dr Mark Fisher,