Secure Base in schools

The Secure Base model in schools

The Secure Base model has been developed for use in the school setting. The attachment and resilience-based framework of the model promotes relationships and interactions within the school that build children’s trust, reduce their anxiety and enhance their capacity for finding satisfaction in education and learning.  Research suggests that improving attachment awareness in schools can help to improve behaviour and reduce exclusions. However, although the model is particularly valuable for supporting staff in working with vulnerable and troubled children, it will be of benefit in enhancing the development and learning of all children.

In 2018 – 2019, Gillian Schofield and Mary Beek received funding from the Alex Timpson Trust to develop and deliver Secure Base training materials for use in schools.  This was part of a national project to promote attachment awareness in schools.

The Secure Base model in schools

The Secure Base model training materials for schools are now available on this website. There are three training options, with separate materials for high schools and primary schools.  Each has a script to guide trainers and an accompanying PowerPoint presentation.  Each option is also appropriate for use in special schools.

The first option is a full day / six-hour training programme, which introduces the model, including the core attachment concepts that underpin it, and explores the model’s use in school.


A second option would be to deliver this whole day session in two separate half-day /three-hour sessions, as explained in the trainer guidance.

The third option is to deliver an initial training session (2 hours) to explain the model and its relevance for schools, followed by a second session on putting the model into practice in the particular school. This option may be more appropriate for larger schools wishing to ensure that all staff members are familiar with the principles of the model.   These two sessions could be included in an inset day /school day or delivered as an after school /twilight session.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

A training session for high schools, suitable for any number of staff

A training session for primary schools, suitable for any number of staff

Putting the model into practice, a follow up session for selected staff, suitable for high schools or primary schools


Each of these training options has an accompanying set of PPT slides, as follows:

PPTs A training day for high schools 

PPTs A training day for primary schools 

PPTs A training session for high schools 

PPTs A training session for primary schools 

PPTs Putting the model into practice