The latest news from CBESS

New publication

CBESS member Anders Poulsen has a new publication in Management Science: The Attraction and Compromise Effects in Bargaining: Experimental Evidence.

New working paper

CBESS member Pieter Serneels has a new publication: Recruitment, effort and retention effect of performance contracts for civil servants. Experimental evidence from Rwandan primary schools. American Economic Review, with Clare Leaver, Owen Ozier, Andrew Zeitlin. 

Call for expression of interest in PhD studentship

In 2019, the School of Economics  prioritised a PGR studentship for research in the area of experimental economic investigations.

New working paper

Paul Clist has a new Working Paper: Paul Clist and Ying-yi Hong, Why Do We Lie? Distinguishing Between Competing Lying Theories, (CBESS-19-03).

New publication

CBESS members Bereket Kebede and Arjan Verschoor have a new publication in economic Development and Cultural Change:

The lion’s share. An experimental analysis of polygamy in Northern Nigeria

New working paper

Anders Poulsen has a new Working Paper: Anders Poulsen and Axel Sonntag, Focality is Intuitive - Experimental Evidence on the Effects of Time Pressure in Coordination Games, (CBESS-19-01).

We experimentally examine the effects of varying time pressure in a coordination game with a label salient focal equilibrium. We consider both a pure coordination game (payoff symmetry) and a battle of the sexes game with conflict of interest (payoff asymmetry). In symmetric games, there are no effects of time pressure, since the label-salient outcome is highly focal regardless of how much time subjects have to decide. In asymmetric games, less time results in greater focality of the the label-salient action, and it becomes significantly more likely that any coordination is on the focal outcome.

Contests: Theory and Evidence (2019)

The School of Economics held its 5th annual conference, Contests: Theory and Evidence, in June. The conference celebrated the 70th birth anniversary year of Prof Luis Corchon (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid).

New publication

CBESS member Sheheryar Banuri has a new publication in Social Science and Medicine: “The use of video vignettes to measure health worker knowledge. Evidence from Burkina Faso."

New publication

Professor Bob Sugden’s long anticipated book The Community of Advantage: A Behavioural Economist’s Defence of the Market challenges the controversial and topical idea of nudging.

Read bob's discussion of the book on the school's blog

New publication

CBESS member Amrish Patel has a new publication in Games and Economic Behaviour: Agreements with reciprocity: Co-financing and MOUs.

New publication

Efficiency versus in Equality in Bargaining, by Fabio Galeotti (GATE-LSE, Lyon), Maria Montero (Nottingham), and Anders Poulsen (CBESS), was accepted for publication in Journal of the European Economic Association.

Contests: Theory and Evidence - our 4th annual conference

We held our 4th annual conference “Contests: Theory and Evidence” in June 2018. The Keynote speaker was Prof Kyung Hwan Baik (Sungkyunkwan University); other speakers included Prof Kai Konrad (MPI Munich) and Prof Dan Kovenock (Chapman University).

Working paper

Robert Sugden and Theodore Turocy's new working paper is called Correlation neglect and case-based decisions, (CBESS-17-11)

Two new working papers

Sheheryar Banuri has two new working papers: 

Love the Job, or the Patient: Task vs. Mission-Based Motivations in Healthcare

It's not All Fun and Games: Feedback, Task Motivation, and Effort

New working paper

Does strategy fairness make inequality more acceptable  by Mengjie Wang

New working paper

The Attraction and Compromise Effects in Bargaining: Experimental Evidence, by Fabio Galeotti, Maria Montero and Anders Poulsen

New working paper

Giving in Dictator Games - Experimenter Demand Effect or Preference over the Rules of the Game?, by Nadine Chlaß and Peter Moffatt