CBESS seminars

Group meetings will be held Tuesdays 11am-11.50am.

The CBESS seminar series is currently running intermittently. If you are interested in presenting your work, please get in touch with Stefan Penczynski.


CBESS-related seminars at UEA

30 November 2023
Mario Schmidt (Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, Halle (Saale))
“Stranger and friend: Numbers as a common frontier among anthropologists and behavioral economists?”
DEV Research Seminar

1 December 2023
Janithe Siriwardana (UEA, School of Economics)
“Measuring the effectiveness of the ban on selling sugary drinks in prominent locations within stores in England”
CCP Seminar Series

Past Events

10 January 2023
Daniel Zizzo (University of Queensland)

17 January 2023
Marina Agranov (Caltech)
Information Aggregation on Networks: an Experimental Study

21 February 2023
Rebecca Heath (University of Cambridge)
Investigating slander and sybil attacks in markets of asymmetric information using online experiments

28 February 2023
Prachi Hejib (UEA School of Economics)

7 March 2023
Lisa Spantig (University of Essex)

2 May 2023 (11am - 1pm)
Student presentations from module “Behavioural and Experimental Economics II”

16 May 2023
Robin Ng (Université Catholique de Louvain)
Ratings with Heterogeneous Preferences

18 January 2022
Neil Garrett (PSY, UEA)
"Reexamining Heuristics and planning in Economic Choice"

25 January 2022
Ted Turocy (UEA)
"A New Measure of Consumer Engagement with Markets"

1 February 2022
Eli Spiegelman (Burgandy School of Business)
"Discrimination in the large and the small: social exclusion and sensitivity to notional fines"

9 February 2022
Peter Moffatt (ECO)
"Using supermarket loyalty card data to measure the differential impact of the UK soft drink sugar tax on buyer behaviour"

27 April 2022
Grace Lin (ECO, CDCC)
"Supermarket loyalty card data on animal and plant-based foods"

3 May 2022
Siri Isaksson (Norwegian School of Economics)
"It Takes Two: Gender Differences in Group Work"

8 June 2022
Beatriz de la Iglesia (CMP)

4 October 2022
Laura Harvey (UEA School of Economics)
“Global (Local) Inequality and Promotion Contests”

11 October 2022
Stefan Penczynski (UEA School of Economics) and Stefania Sitzia (UEA School of Economics)
"Compound games (grant session)"

18 October 2022
Jordan Harold (UEA School of Psychology)
Predicting the future: judgements and biases with time-series data

25 October 2022
Janithe Siriwardana (UEA School of Economics)
Experimental demand estimation with branded products (design session)

15 November 2022
Mayada Elsabbagh (McGill University)
The neuroscience of resilience: Lessons from autism

22 November 2022
Ariel Gu (UEA School of Economics)
"Investor Preferences and Overpricing of Lottery-Like Stocks: Evidence from a Choice Experiment"

29 November 2022
Ellen Green (Arizona State University)
Subjective expectations and uncertainty: A study of the deceased-donor
transplantation process

12 October 2021
David Just (Cornell University)
"But it Came from a Food Pantry: Product Stigma and Quality Perception of Food Pantry Offerings"

7 December 2021 in REG 3.15
David Cooper (UEA, U Iowa)
"Effective Leadership Across Contexts"