Research Impact

Area Studies


The Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021 (the national review of research excellence at UK universities since 2014) has confirmed that Area Studies research at UEA is shaping the field both nationally and internationally.

Its innovative approach to Area Studies – breaking down disciplinary borders and geographical boundaries, combining theory, practice and creativity – is amongst the very best in the country.

In particular, the submission highlighted the team’s contribution to building a distinctive New Area Studies and their ongoing innovations in both theory and practice. These successes are the result of significant investment in Area Studies at UEA. In 2014, 14 researchers submitted 40 outputs. In 2021, 46 colleagues submitted 105 publications and four impact case studies, bringing together both top quality research outputs and a remarkable influence on public good for a wide range of beneficiaries in the UK and beyond.

The reach and significance of this research stretched across the globe. Norwich researchers investigated and analysed a wide range of pressing social, cultural, political and literary problems pertinent to the lives of many. Working with local communities and institutions, they provided insights into an array of urgent quality of life issues in a variety of societies and regions.