Lunchtime Talks 2020-2021 programme

(All talks on Wednesdays via Microsoft Teams)


21 October 2020, 1pm

James Andow, Lecturer in Philosophy (PPL)

What is it like to be colour-blind? A case study in experimental philosophy of experience


11 November 2020, 1pm

Fiona Poland, Professor of Social Research Methodology (HSC)

Embedding qualitative research within large research trials: Gains and challenges​ for understanding living with dementia


9 December 2020, 1pm

Chi-Hé Elder, Lecturer in Linguistics (PPL)

Some operational challenges of identifying misunderstandings in police-suspect interviews


24 February 2021, 12pm

Tori Cann, Senior Lecturer in Humanities (IIH)

The methodological possibilities of zines


24 March 2021, 12pm

Harry Dyer, Lecturer in Education (EDU)

Adjusting the volume: The importance of qualitative methods in digital research 


28 April 2021, 1pm

Kayo Kondo, Teaching Associate in Japanese Language (University of Sheffield)

Ethical challenges of working with older patients in their homes


19 May 2021, 2pm:

Motoko Akashi, Scholar in Translation Studies (UEA)

Commercial aspects of translators’ visibility: Exploring celebrity translators’ presence on book covers


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