List of libraries and institutes which house Kine Weekly List of libraries and institutes which house Kine Weekly

UEA has virtually a complete run of Kine Weekly and its variants from 1889 to 1971, on microfilm or print original (we are missing some eight years of material).

British Library Newspaper Library (Colindale)
Complete from 1904. They also have a useful listing of British and Irish Cinema and Film Periodicals holdings.

BFI (National Film Library)
Not complete, but probably better than when microfilmed in early 80's. About the BFI Library...

Cambridge University Library
Kinematograph and Lantern Weekly
Vols 1-4, no. 104; vol. 17, no. 402- vol. 25, no. 506. London, 1907-09, 1915-17.
U.L. CLASSMARK : Microfilm P262
Vols 17-34, no. 653. London, 1915-19. (CONTIN. AS Kinematograph Weekly.)
U.L. CLASSMARK : L415:6.b.4
Microfilm P262 Order in Microfilm Reading Room
Not ordinarily borrowable
L415:6.b.4 Order in West Room (Periodicals)(pre-1800 in Rare Books)
Not ordinarily borrowable
Kinematograph Weekly (CONTIN. OF Kinematograph and Lantern Weekly AND INCORPORATING Ideal Kinema.)
Vol. 34, no. 654- vol. 189. London, 1919-32.
U.L. CLASSMARK : L415:6.b.4
Vols 190-298. London, 1933-41.
Vols 299-511, no. 2723. London, 1942-59. (CONTIN. AS Kine Weekly.)
U.L. CLASSMARK : L415:6.b.4
L415:6.b.4 Order in West Room (Periodicals)(pre-1800 in Rare Books)
Not ordinarily borrowable
NPR.B.415 Order in West Room (Periodicals)
Not ordinarily borrowable
Kine Weekly (CONTIN. OF Kinematograph Weekly.)
Vol. 511, no. 2724- vol. 651, no. 3337. London, 1959-71. (INCORP. WITH Today's Cinema.)
U.L. CLASSMARK : L415:6.b.4
Order in West Room (Periodicals)(pre-1800 in Rare Books) Not ordinarily borrowable

About the Cambridge University Library...

East Anglian Film Archive (UEA)
KW Yearbook for 10 years between 1920 & 1970/1.
Phil Butcher. Contact 01603 592664 or

About EAFA ...

Irish Film Institute Library

Issues held in Library
Vol.314 No.1880 1943
Vol.321 No.1909 1944 – Vol.369 No.2116 1947
Vol.499 No.2675 1958 – Vol.548 No.2885 1963
Vol.560 No.2939 1964 – Vol.645 No.3309 1971
Vol.648 No.3323 1971
Vol.650 No.33311971
Vol.651 No.3334 1971

Missing issues
Vol.327 No.1935 1944
Vol.332 No.1959 – 60 1944
Vol.335 No.1969 – cover & pages 1-10 missing
Vol.344 No.2009 1945
Vol.344 No.2011 1945 – Vol.346 No.2017 1945
Vol.346 No.2020 1945 – Vol.347 No.2022 1946
Vol.348 No.2027 1946 – Vol.349 No.2030 1946
Vol.359 No.2073 1947
Vol.361 No.2079 1947
Vol.364 No.2090 – 91 1947
Vol.364 No.2094 1947
Vol.365 No.2096 1947
Vol.365 No.2101 1947
Vol.501 No.2685 1959
Vol.520 No.2763 1960
Vol.539 No.2845 1962
Vol.540 No.2851 1962
Vol.542 No.2858 – 59 1962
Vol.543 No.2864 1962
Vol.546 No.2875 1962
Vol.565 No.2960 1964
Vol.569 No.2979 1964
Vol.571 No.2986 1964
Vol.577 No.3016 1965
Vol.617 No.3187 1968
Vol.644 No.3305 1971

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University of Westminster – Nos.3273-3337, 1970-1971. About the University of Westminster Library...

Oxford (Bodleian) – The Bodleian has a full run of Kine Weekly in hard copy in the main library. The Radcliffe Science Library has some of pre-Kine part (esp 1889-1902). About the Bodleian Library...

Reading University Library
A few years held at Bulmershe branch library. About Reading University Library ...

Trinity College Dublin - 1943, 1968 About Trinity College Library ...

You can also search for Kine Weekly (and other journals) by visiting the British Library Catalogue, COPAC, and the M25 Universities' Union List of Serials. If you are aware of Kine Weekly holdings in other libraries (particularly outside the UK) please let us know.