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British Cinema studies has been at the heart of the Film, Television & Media department for over thirty years. The British Cinema History research project is part of our engagement with external researchers and organisations across the British media industries.


Explore the world of British film and television from the 1940s through the 1970s through this magazine’s coverage of films, stars, directors, producers, studios, production companies, and cinemas.

Relaunched with a new search facility and new information pages, this is an innovative online index to the British film industry publication Kinematograph Weekly. The earlier version of the index has been used extensively by hundreds of industry and academic researchers over the last 15 years.

More information on this resource is available via the link above.


In collaboration with the British Entertainment History Project (BEHP, formerly known as the BECTU Oral History project) we transcribed a selection of audio interviews with British film personnel to make them available online.

Those transcripts have now been published via the BEHP website [https://historyproject.org.uk], as part of their interviews collection. One current UEA British Cinema project (The Eastmancolor Revolution and British Cinema, 1955-85) has recently transcribed more of these interviews, and added their own new interviews to the BEHP site.

The UEA transcripts represent a Who’s Who of British cinema history across a range of different technical crafts and creative roles:

For more information about the British Cinema History Research Project please contact:

Dr Keith M Johnston: Keith.Johnston@uea.ac.uk
Dr Melanie Williams: Melanie.Williams@uea.ac.uk

See a list of personnel involved in the British Cinema History Research Project.