Our research is based on over two decades worth of experience and expertise Our research is based on over two decades worth of experience and expertise

British Film & Television Studies has been one of our established research themes for over two decades. Our research has built on well-known areas around British cinema history, while also developing new research into the British comedy industry, British television history, gender in British media, and revisiting key topics such as Ealing Studios, British directors and British television genre.
These strengths have been supported by major research grants from the Arts and Humanities Research Council on regional television and British television comedy. A grant from the British Academy on British 3D film history; and regular collaborations with the British Film Institute, Studio Canal UK and Network Distribution.
Our work will continue to expand on these areas, with Brett Mills' work on British comedy writers and Keith M. Johnson's project on British 3D production. Mark Jancovich will continue to expand on his work on horror and early British TV, while Melanie Williams and Yvonne Tasker develop their research into female workers in the British film industry.
The impacts of our work in this research include economic outcomes via collaboration with Studio Canal UK and Network Distributing, offering research-led support in developing their DVD catalogue.



Staff and key research interests

Christine Cornea: British science fiction television

Sarah Godfrey: British authorship; masculinity in British cinema
Su Holmes: British television history; reality television; British television genres
Mark Jancovich: British horror stars; early British television horror programmes
Keith M. Johnston: technology in British cinema; Ealing Studios; British 3D film and television
Peter Kramer: Stanley Kubrick and British cinema
Brett Mills: British sit-coms; British wildlife documentaries; public service broadcasting; creativity in the UK comedy industry
Melanie Williams: gender in British Cinema; British authorship; British stardom