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Ladybird, Amazon by Eleanor Warren-Thomas

CEEC is one of the largest groups of ecologists and evolutionary biologists in the UK. Research interests of Faculty and Research Fellows and their research interests are listed below. 

The centre also includes a number of post-doctoral research associates and a large group of graduate students. If you are interested carrying out graduate study or post-doctoral research at UEA, it is probably best to make direct contact with members of faculty working in the area that interests you, but general information on studying for a PhD at UEA is available from our postgraduate office.

Image supplied by Eleanor Warren-Thomas, UEA

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Iain Barr Ornithology and population genetics
Diana Bell Mammalian social organisation and conservation. Rabbit behaviour and ecology
Ros Boar Ecology of freshwaters and wetlands. Nutrient cycling
Andrew Bourke Ecology and evolution of social insects
Simon Butler Land use change and biodiversity
Tracey Chapman Molecular ecology of Drosophila mating systems
Richard Davies Patterns of biodiversity, from local to global
Tony Davy Physiological plant ecology and restoration ecology
Paul Dolman Biodiversity conservation, landscape ecology and spatial population dynamics
Aldina Franco Climate change and insects
Matthew Gage Sperm competition and the evolution of sperm form and function
Jenny Gill Climate change and coastal birds
Alastair Grant Marine Pollution, including pollution tolerance and linking population impacts with physiological and biochemical effects
Life history biology, elasticity analysis, and matrix population models
Mark Hassall Soil biology. Woodlice, grasshoppers and geese
Harriet Jones Microbial population dynamics
Tove Jorgensen Evolution of plants and their pathogens
Gillian Malin Biogenic trace gases, biological oceanography, marine microbial ecology, seaweed physiology
Thomas Mock Environmental and functional genomics of marine microbes
Colin Murrell Microbiology of microbes that grow on methane, DMS and other atmospheric trace gases
Carlos Peres Ecology and conservation of tropical forests; Vertebrate community ecology; Wildlife population biology in disturbed habitats; Primate behavioural ecology
Brian Reid Contaminated land, Contaminant bioavailability and bioremediation
David S Richardson Molecular, evolutionary and behavioural ecology. Conservation. Birds
Carol Robinson Marine biogeochemistry, microbial community composition, global change and the marine carbon cycle.
Trevor Tolhurst Tolhurst Intertidal mudflat, salt marsh and mangrove forest ecology
Cock van Oosterhout Adaptive evolution and population genetics
Andrew Watkinson Population ecology, agricultural ecology and climate change
Douglas Yu Ecology and conservation of tropical forests; mutualisms and cheating; spatial ecology; trade policy and environment; evolutionary psychology