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Date Speaker Organisation Title
Spring 2020
13 Jan Karina Adcock ENV Investigation of East Asian emissions of CFC-11 using atmospheric observations in Taiwan
20 Jan Andrew Mayes CHE Measuring Microplastics:  a UEA perspective
27 Jan Jan Kaiser ENV Isotopic fingerprints of carbonyl sulfide (COS) - a sulfur analogue of CO2
3 Feb Amanda Burson Uni of Nottingham A Sea of Change: Impacts of Reduced Nitrogen and Phosphorus Loads on Coastal Phytoplankton Communities
10 Feb tbc    
17 Feb Tom Bell Plymouth Marine Lab Seawater DMS variability during the North Atlantic Aerosol and Marine Ecosystem Study (NAAMES)
24 Feb Kevin Vikstrom ENV A story of bacterial maintenance respiration: Maintaining functions in coastal ecosystems
2 Mar Kadmiel Maysek Open University Estimating ecosystem photosynthesis from biosphere-atmosphere fluxes of carbonyl sulfide
9 Mar Nicolas Mayot ENV Phytoplankton dynamics in the mediterranean and Greenland Seas
20 Apr tbc    
27 Apr Alex Archibald University of Cambridge tbc


Date Speaker Organisation Title
Autumn Term 2019
30 Sept Odile Crabeck ENV, UEA Small scale processes matter: freezing pressure in sea ice brine inclusions and its impact on water-ice-air exchange.
07 Oct Charel Wohl Plymouth Marine Laboratory Diurnal Cycling and Fine Scale Variability of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in the Southern Ocean
14 Oct Yet Yin Hee CHE, UEA Malaysian Shelf Sea Primary Production and Biogeochemistry in the South China Sea
21 Oct    

Cancelled due to 0900-1220 presentations for COAS Atmospheric Chemistry Lectureship

28 Oct Matthew Jones Tyndall Centre Legacy Effects of Landscape Fires on Atmospheric CO2

4 Nov

Michelle Devlin  Cefas-UEA

A Perspective from the Pacific. Outcomes from a UK funded Commonwealth research program delivering  water quality, habitat mapping and Blue C data for sustainable marine economies in Pacific waters.

11 Nov Jon Todd BIO, UEA Surface Marine Sediments are Factories for DMSP and the Climate-Active Gas DMS
18 Nov Stefanie Nolte UEA-Cefas Living on the Edge - Salt Marshes Under Global Change
25 Nov Rebecca Wright Tyndall Centre Jellyfish and the Marine Carbon Cycle
02 Dec    

Cancelled due to UCU strike - we hope to reschedule Amanda's talk for the Spring semester. 

09 Dec AMB PhDs   New PhD Students Introductory Talks


Date Speaker Organisation Title
Summer 2019
23 May Matthew Cole Plymouth Marine Laboratory Impacts of microplastics on zooplankton and marine ecosystems
3 June Peter Brown NOC Feedbacks between circulation and the carbon cycle: a present and future perspective


Date Speaker Organisation Title
Spring 2019
21 Jan Mercedes De La Paz Arandiga Institute of Oceanography, Spain Nitrous oxide in the North Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation
28 Jan Odile Crabeck UEA Gas dynamic in first year sea ice: Upward transport of bottom ice dimethyl sulfide during the advanced melting stage
4 Feb David Carruthers CERC Cambridge Environmental Research Consultants Street scale air quality simulations in urban areas using a coupled regional-to-local modelling system
11 Feb tbc    
18 Feb tbc    
25 Feb Jamie Wilson Uni of Bristol Sensitivity of atmospheric CO2 to regional variability in particulate organic matter remineralization depths
4 Mar, Queens 0.08 Suzanne Painting Cefas Assessing eutrophication in UK seas for OSPAR and the EU
11 Mar Yanhui Liu UEA The Impact of Isoprene Emissions on Air Quality in China
18 Mar EGU talks: Maria Zamyatina UEA Impact of alkyl nitrate chemistry on tropospheric ozone: box and global model perspectives
25 Mar Peter Liss UEA CLAW-Death or Alive?


Date Speaker Organisation Title
Autumn 2018
29 Oct Elise Droste ENV Atmospheric trends and emissions of perfluorocarbons and an introduction to my PhD on the Southern Ocean carbon sink
5 Nov Dr Holly Winton BAS Reconstructing past UV/ozone variability in a 1000 year Antarctic ice core
12 Nov Dr Will Ball ETH Zurich Negative ozone trends in the lower stratosphere: current understanding and open questions
19 Nov Prof Francis Pope Uni Birmingham A Systems Approach to Air Pollution (ASAP) - East Africa
26 Nov Dr Krisztina Sárközi UEA tbc
3 Dec Dr Zvi Steiner Uni of Cambridge Calcium and strontium concentrations in seawater – a tool for quantifying the oceanic CaCO3 cycle
10 Dec New PGR students UEA tbc


Date Speaker Organisation Title
Summer 2018
16 Apr Elena Garcia-Martin UEA Marine bacterial respiration; a critical unknown in global carbon budgets
23 Apr -    
30 Apr Alison Webb University of Groningen The annual cycle of dimethylsulphide turnover and emission in the Antarctic coastal zone
14 May Lisa Whalley University of Leeds A tale of two cities: improving the understanding of secondary pollutant formation in London and Beijing through radical observations and model comparisons
21 May -    
4 June Daniel Ellis University of York From Facebook to the Atmosphere: using graph theory to explore chemical interactions and air pollution in the atmosphere
11 June -    


Date Speaker Organisation Title
Spring 2018
15 Jan Tomas Sherwen and Liselotte Tinel Uni of York Iodide to feed the machine: how new iodide data from the Indian Ocean helps constrain a new approach to atmospheric modelling
22 Jan - - -
29 Jan New PhD students UEA Who am I and what am I doing for my PhD?
5 Feb Matthew Humphreys UEA Monitoring marine carbon and related biogeochemical cycles
12 Feb - - -
19 Feb Isabel Seguro Requejo UEA Shelf-sea gross and net production estimates from triple oxygen isotopes and oxygen-argon ratios
26 Feb Claire Reeves UEA Speciated isoprene nitrate chemistry - first results from Beijing
5 Mar - - -
12 Mar John Plane Uni of Leeds Cosmic dust and the Earth's atmosphere


Date Speaker Organisation Title
Autumn 2017
25 Sept Elise Droste ENV Soluble iodine speciation in Indian Ocean aerosols and its impact on marine boundary layer chemistry
2 Oct - - -
9 Oct Carol Robinson ENV Integrated Marine Biosphere Research programme (IMBeR)
16 Oct David Fowler Centre for Ecology and Hydrology Human modification of the global nitrogen cycle
23 Oct Raul Aguirre-Gomez University of Mexico Harmful algal blooms detection using remote sensors and in-situ measurements
30 Oct Caroline Peacock University of Leeds Reactivity and cycling of trace-metals in marine sediments
6 Nov Dominic Papineau UCL Chemically-oscillating reactions during the oxidation of organic matter on the early Earth and Mars
13 Nov William Coulet Exo Environmental Ltd Adaptive management, surveillance monitoring of dredging in East Anglia
20 Nov Alexandra Turchyn University of Cambridge New thoughts on authigenic carbonate and its importance in the carbon cycle
27 Nov, LT4,  4 pm Jonathan Sharples University of Liverpool Do internal tides affect global plankton ecosystems?
4 Dec, JSC 3.02 New PhD students   Who am I and what am I doing for my PhD?
11 Dec Olalekan Popoola University of Cambridge Low-cost portable sensors: paradigm shift in the studies of air quality
18 Dec - - -