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Date Speaker Title
Spring 2016
19 Jan Stuart Umbro and Eileen Gallacher (UEA)

Quantifying glacial-interglacial ocean temperature change using clumped isotopes

How warm and salty was the sea? Middle Jurassic paleo temperature and salinity reconstructions using clumped isotopes

2 Feb Christopher Herbert (UEA) Unit bars: formation and internal structure
16 Feb Jim Hendry (Tullow Oil, Dublin)

Hot, salty and faulty dolomites on the Isle of Man

(how, why, when, and …… so what?)

23 Feb Nick Garrard and David Litchfield (UEA)

Investigating nitrogen cycling in the hyporheic zone using stable isotopes

Volcanic risk, uncertainty and decision making in Dominica

8 Mar Emily Peckover (UEA) Petrographic parallels and dating problems in two Turkish stalagmites
26 Apr Jackie Kendrick (University of Liverpool) Fractures and friction in magma during volcanic eruptions
10 May Tim Atkinson (UCL) The Ripple Effect - ENV underground in Java in 1982 and the later consequences