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Autumn 2016  
11 Oct Ewan Hunter (CEFAS) All about the bass - the behaviour and migration of the European sea bass
18 Oct Mark Abrahams Wrongfully accused: semi-subsistence communities in Brazilian Amazonia
25 Oct Tom Oliver (Uni of Reading) Detecting and understanding biodiversity changes to maintain ecosystem services
1 Nov Colin Adams (Glasgow) What do patterns of intraspecific diversity in freshwater fish tell us about the origins of diversity
8 Nov Osgur McDermott Long (UEA) Sensitivity of UK Butterflies to local climatic extremes: Which life stages are most at risk?
15 Nov Phil Saunders (UEA) Do nest site selection preferences differ between eastern and western Mediterranean populations of the European Roller (Coracias garrulus)?
22 Nov Lilja Johannesdottir (UEA) Land-use change in Iceland: conservation consequences
29 Nov Veronica Mendez (UEA) Do residents outperform migrants? Implications of migratory strategy for individual fitness
6 Dec Kate Rogerson (UEA) Understanding the environmental changes affecting migratory birds - a case study of storks and landfill
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Spring 2016
19 Jan Jeff Price (ENV) Is Anywhere Safe for Biodiversity in a Climate Changed World? - Preliminary results from the Wallace Initiative II
26 Jan Kirsten Bomblies (JIC) Evolution of meiosis in response to genome and habitat change
2 Feb David Edwards tbc
9 Feb Aleksi Lehikoinen (Helsinki Lab of Ornithology) Density shifts of birds in North Europe: impact of climate, land use and species life histories
23 Feb Tom Finch (BIO) Breeding Ecology of the European Roller
1 Mar tbc  
8 Mar Matt Struebig (University of Kent) Targeting conservation to safeguard tropical biodiversity: Insights from Borneo
12 April Levi Yant (JIC) Variations on a theme: divergence island profiles in response to contrasting adaptations to elemental stressors in the Brassicaceae
19 April Kris Sales (BIO) Heat Wave and Reproduction in Insects
26 April tbc  
3 May Edward Codling (University of Essex) Balancing direct and indirect navigational cues in individual and collective animal movement
Autumn 2015
20 Oct Andres Wiren (BIO) What makes a worker work? Molecular mechanisms of caste determination in Bumble bees
27 Oct Dr Jackie Lighten Can't see the woods for the trees at the MHC: the eco-evolutionary significance of supertypes
3 Nov Agathe Jouet Albugo candida: Jack of all trades, master of all
17 Nov Katharine Kite Timing is everything - spatial variation in the breeding ecology and dispersal of European shags
24 Nov Dr Peter Buston (Uni of Wollongong, Australia) Social evolution in coral reef fishes
8 Dec Dr John Burnside Evidence-based evaluation of in situ and ex situ management strategies for the hunted Asian Houbara