Weekly seminars covering a range of topics Weekly seminars covering a range of topics

These talks take place on a Tuesday at 1 pm. Note: many of these speakers and talks are provisional and subject to change.





Spring 2019 - these seminars will be updated shortly
29 Jan EFRY 1.01 Cat Morrison Integrating large-scale citizen science data to reveal the drivers of population change in long-distance migratory birds
5 Feb EFRY 1.01 Szabolcs Számadó, Eötvös Loránd University When (if ever) do signals need to be costly to be honest?
12 Feb EFRY 01.05 Mohammad Farhadinia, Oxford Ranging and hunting amidst humans: Persian leopards along the Iran-Turkmenistan borderland 
26 Feb EFRY 01.08 Andrew Clarke, BAS  
11 Jul, 2 pm SCI 01.38 Nishant Kumar, Oxford Concerns around urbanising humanity's offer to animals: landscapes of fear and opportunistic resources
Autumn 2019      
15 Oct  EFRY 01.10 Kate Rogerson (ENV) Storks on the move
22 Oct EFRY 01.10 Sarah Luke (Cambridge) Towards more sustainable management of oil palm plantations
29 Oct EFRY 01.10 Harry Ewing (BIO) Informing management of a threatened breeding wader population
12 Nov EFRY 01.10 Dr Wayne Rostant (BIO)

Effect of varying protein to carbohydrate ration on sex-specific life-history traits in Drosophila Melanogastar

19 Nov EFRY 01.10    
3 Dec EFRY 01.10    
10 Dec EFRY 01.10    
17 Dec EFRY 01.10    



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Organiser: James Gilroy