Weekly seminars covering a range of topics Weekly seminars covering a range of topics

These talks take place on a Tuesday at 1 pm. Note: many of these speakers and talks are provisional and subject to change.





11 Oct ARTS 2.02 Ewan Hunter (CEFAS) All about the bass - the behaviour and migration of the European sea bass
18 Oct ARTS 2.02 Mark Abrahams Wrongfully accused: semi-subsistence communities in Brazilian Amazonia
25 Oct EFRY 01.05 Tom Oliver (Uni of Reading) Detecting and understanding biodiversity changes to maintain ecosystem services
1 Nov EFRY 01.05 Colin Adams (Glasgow) What do patterns of intraspecific diversity in freshwater fish tell us about the origins of diversity
8 Nov EFRY 01.05 Osgur McDermott Long (UEA) Sensitivity of UK Butterflies to local climatic extremes: Which life stages are most at risk?
15 Nov EFRY 01.02 Phil Saunders (UEA) Do nest site selection preferences differ between eastern and western Mediterranean populations of the European Roller (Coracias garrulus)?
22 Nov EFRY 01.02 Lilja Johannesdottir (UEA) Land-use change in Iceland: conservation consequences
29 Nov EFRY 01.02 Veronica Mendez (UEA) Do residents outperform migrants? Implications of migratory strategy for individual fitness
6 Dec EFRY 01.02 Kate Rogerson (UEA) Understanding the environmental changes affecting migratory birds - a case study of storks and landfill

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Organiser: James Gilroy