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The following seminars were presented in Autumn 2016:





Autumn 2016

Tues, 13 Sept, 11 am Zicer Giuliana Viglione (Caltech) Observing spatial and temporal variability of submesoscale instabilities in the Antarctic Circumpolar Current using seagliders
30 Sept Clayton Room Dan Whitt (Cambridge) Physical and biogeochemical dynamics at a front forced by unsteady winds
7 Oct Zicer Yavor Kostov (Oxford) Understanding the Southern Ocean response to SAM in models and observations
Thurs, 13 Oct, 1 pm Zicer Richard Seager (Columbia) Global Decadal Hydroclimate Variability in Observations and Models
Mon, 17 Oct, 11 am JSC 2.02 Ali Mashayek (MIT) Role of enhanced abyssal mixing in closure of deep branch of the ocean meridional overturning
21 Oct Zicer Ryan Neely (Leeds) Novel ways to see more: Polarized Active Remote Sensing
28 Oct Zicer James Pope (BAS) The Antarctic sea ice paradox: More sea ice in a warming
4 Nov Zicer Tim Osborn (UEA) Variability in the rate of global warming, including the role of Atlantic Multidecadal Variability
11 Nov Zicer Alex Brearley (BAS) Ocean heat and turbulent mixing processes on the West Antarctic Peninsula shelf
18 Nov Zicer Len Shaffrey (Reading) Climate change and extratropical storms
25 Nov Zicer Peter Sheehan (UEA) Forcing, and long- and short-time variability of the Fair Isle Current
2 Dec Zicer Clive Wilkinson (ENV) Historic Sea Ice Observations in the Southern Ocean
Wed, 7 Dec SCVA 01.10 Michael Reeder (Monash Uni) Convective Bursts in the Australian Monsoon
9 Dec Zicer First year PhDs

Jack Giddings: Ocean processes triggering monsoon rainfall

Ella Gilbert: Drivers of melt over the Larsen C ice shelf, Antarctica

Lianne Harrison: Modelling the ocean beneath Larsen C ice shelf: is basal melting leading to collapse?

Shenjie Zhou: Weather’s impact on ocean circulation

Stephanie Goodwin: Solar variability and seasonal predictions

Jake Opher: Spilling the beans on the densest water formed in the North Atlantic 

16 Dec Zicer M. Fadzil Akhir (UMT Malaysia) Upwelling, thermal fronts and water intrusion features in southern South China Sea


The following seminars were presented in Summer 2016:





Summer 2016

6 May Zicer Louise Sime (BAS)

Are glacial-interglacial changes in westerly winds over the Southern Ocean a major driver of atmospheric CO2?

13 May   No Seminar  
Tues,17 May Clayton Room, 10-11am Adam Scaife (Met Office) Tropical rainfall, Rossby waves and regional climate predictions
20 May Clayton Room, 11-noon Ray Pierrehumbert (University of Oxford) CO2 oceans and sapphire snow:  Condensible dynamics of exoplanet atmospheres
27 May Zicer Dafydd Evans (NOC Southampton)  Estimating the Southern ocean overturning in thermohaline coordinates
3 June Zicer Cedric Chavanne (Université du Québec à Rimouski) Mixed-Layer Quasi-Geostrophy: a new framework for diagnosing vertical velocities in the upper ocean from surface observations
10 June Clayton Room Jennifer Mecking (NOC Southampton)

A stable Atlantic Meridional Overturning “off” state in an eddy-permitting coupled climate model

17 June Zicer Linden Ashcroft (Universitat Rovira i Virgili) Extending the instrumental climate record of south eastern Australia
24 June Zicer Philip Jones (UEA) The reliability of Global and Hemispheric surface temperature records
1 July SCI 3.05 Ed Hawkins (University of Reading) Interactions of climate variability and change in simulations and observations
8 July Zicer Ian Boutle (Met Office) Why does it always rain on me? Observations and modelling of stratocumulus clouds
5 Aug Zicer

Dr Céline Heuzé (University of Gothenburg) 

In search of Atlantic Water


The following seminars were presented in Spring 2016:





Spring 2016

15 Jan


Jennifer Brown (NOCL)

Extreme Events and Coastal Vulnerability

22 Jan


Xiaoming Zhai (UEA)

Wind-induced near-inertial energy: anticyclone-trapping, relative wind damping, and its latitudinal dependence

29 Jan

Clayton room

Amelia Araujo (Cefas)

Characterization and modelling of storm surge events

5 Feb


Pranab Deb (BAS)

An assessment of the Polar Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model representation of near-surface meteorological variables over West Antarctica

12 Feb


David Munday (BAS)

An equivalent barotropic view of the Southern Ocean & Antarctic Circumpolar Current

19 Feb




26 Feb

Clayton room

Kelsey Mulder (Reading)

Tornadoes in the British Isles: When, where, how often, and why?

4 Mar


Rhiannon Davies (UEA)

Observations and modelling of the boundary layer of the marginal ice zone

11 Mar


Mike Roberts (NOCS/NMMU South Africa) 

The Western Indian Ocean Upwelling Research Initiative (WIOURI): A Flagship project of the new International Indian Ocean Expedition 2 (IIOE2) (2016-21)

15 Apr


No Seminar


22 Apr


Peter Davis (BAS)

Simple models of the Changing Arctic Ocean

29 Apr


Louise Biddle (BAS/UEA)

Identifying meltwater in the Amundsen Sea