Research into physical processes in the climate system Research into physical processes in the climate system

Unless stated, these take place on a Friday at 1pm (unless otherwise stated). Everyone is welcome to come along.





Autumn 2019

27 Sept ZICER 0.01 Jon Robson (University of Reading) Mechanisms of multidecadal variability in the North Atlantic Ocean and its climate impacts
4 Oct NEWSCI 0.06 Celine Heuze (University of Gothenburg) Deep waters: what we know, what we do not know and what we are doing about it.
11 Oct NEWSCI 0.07 Stephen Blenkinsop (University of Newcastle) Advances in understanding changes in intense rainfall - lessons from the UK and beyond
18 Oct NEWSCI 0.06 Juliane Schwendike (University of Leeds) On the relationship between the Madden-Julian Oscillation and local Hadley and local Walker circulations
25 Oct NEWSCI 0.06 Neill Mackay (University of Exeter) Diagnosing the circulation of the Subpolar North Atlantic using a thermohaline inverse method.
1 Nov NEWSCI 0.06 Christopher O'Reilly (University of Oxford) The extratropical teleconnection from the tropical Pacific during boreal summer
8 Nov NEWSCI 0.01 Ruth Geen (University of Exeter) From aquaplanets to the South China Sea monsoon: Can theory provide predictive skill?
15 Nov ZICER 0.01 Ali Mashayekhi (Imperial College London) Overturning the circulation of the ocean
22 Nov ZICER 0.01 Sir Brian Hoskins (Imperial College London) The Dynamics of the Hadley Cell
29 Nov ZICER 0.01 Karen Heywood (UEA) Caravela:ocean robots rule the waves?
6 Dec NEWSCI 0.05 Glenn Carter (University of Hawaii)

Going deep into the unknown

13 Dec  ZICER 0.01 New PhD Students


Past Seminars

Organiser: Manoj Joshi