Research into physical processes in the climate system Research into physical processes in the climate system

Unless stated, these take place on a Friday at 1pm (unless otherwise stated). Everyone is welcome to come along.





Spring 2018

19 Jan Zicer 2.03 Dann Mitchell (Uni of Bristol) Avoided heat-related mortality under targeted Paris Agreement scenarios
Thurs, 25 Jan tba, 1pm Prof Chris Turney (Uni of New South Wales, Australia) Subantarctic tree-rings and Southern Ocean 14C reveal new insights into carbon-cycle feedbacks
26 Jan Zicer 2.03 Nick McCave (Uni of Cambridge) Calibration of the 'mud current meter' applied to flow of the ACC through Drake Passage/Scotia Sea since the last glacial maximum (Joint ENV50 celebratory seminar with the Earth Sciences seminar series)
2 Feb Zicer 2.03 Linda Hirons (Uni of Reading) tba
9 Feb Zicer 2.03 Jenny Graham (Met Office) AMM15: Next generation ocean forecast model for the UK shelf seas
16 Feb Zicer 2.03 Michel Tsamados (UCL) tba
23 Feb Zicer 2.03 Dave Pearce (Cefas) tba
2 Mar Zicer 2.03 Elaine McDonagh (NOC Southampton) ENV50 celebratory seminar - tba
9 Mar Zicer 2.03 Laura Herraiz (Uni of Southampton) tba
16 Mar Zicer 2.03 John Bacon (Cefas) Modelling with applications to exotic coastal locations


Past Seminars

Organiser: Karen Heywood