Research into physical processes in the climate system Research into physical processes in the climate system

Unless stated, these take place on a Friday at 1pm (unless otherwise stated). Everyone is welcome to come along.





Spring 2018

19 Jan Zicer 2.03 Dann Mitchell (Uni of Bristol) Avoided heat-related mortality under targeted Paris Agreement scenarios
Thurs, 25 Jan tba, 1pm Prof Chris Turney (Uni of New South Wales, Australia) Subantarctic tree-rings and Southern Ocean 14C reveal new insights into carbon-cycle feedbacks
26 Jan Zicer 2.03 Nick McCave (Uni of Cambridge) Calibration of the 'mud current meter' applied to flow of the ACC through Drake Passage/Scotia Sea since the last glacial maximum (Joint ENV50 celebratory seminar with the Earth Sciences seminar series)
2 Feb Zicer 2.03 Linda Hirons (Uni of Reading) Remote and large-scale drivers of African climate variability
Thurs, 8 Feb, 2 pm SCI 1.20 Dr Yevgeny Aksenov (National Oceanographic Centre) Modelling dynamics of sea ice and ocean in the marginal ice zone. Effects of ice rheology and waves and applications for marine industries
9 Feb Zicer 2.03 Jenny Graham (Met Office) AMM15: Next generation ocean forecast model for the UK shelf seas
16 Feb Zicer 2.03 Michel Tsamados (UCL) Are we waking up the sleeping Arctic Ocean?
23 Feb Zicer 2.03 Dave Pearce (Cefas) Cefas' use of technology for spatial and temporal monitoring of the shelf sea
2 Mar Zicer 2.03 Elaine McDonagh (NOC Southampton) ENV50 celebratory seminar - Observing salinity in the Atlantic Ocean
9 Mar Zicer 2.03 Laura Herraiz (Uni of Southampton) On the relationship between the Antarctic Circumpolar Current and Antarctic ice shelf base melt
16 Mar Zicer 2.03 John Bacon (Cefas) "...come on in, the water is lovely!!"


Past Seminars

Organiser: Karen Heywood