Find out about research into physical processes in the climate system Find out about research into physical processes in the climate system

Unless stated, these take place on a Friday at 1pm (unless otherwise stated). Everyone is welcome to come along.





Autumn 2017

22 Sept  Zicer 2.03

Leonard Borchert (University of Hamburg)

Interannual Heat Transport Variability and its Links to Surface Temperature Predictability in the North Atlantic
29 Sept Keith Clayton (SCI 01.38) Tom Lachlan-Cope (BAS) Microphysics of Antarctic Clouds
06 Oct   None at present  
13 Oct Zicer 2.03 Nina Petersen (Icelandic Met Office)   Future climate of Iceland
20 Oct Cancelled Cancelled Cancelled
3 Nov Zicer 2.03 Denis Sergeev (UEA)  Modification of polar low development by sea-ice and orography
10 Nov  Zicer 2.03 Satyaban Ratna (UEA) Validation of the WRF regional climate model for downscaling climate variability over Southeast Asia
17 Nov Zicer 2.03 Annick Terpstra (UEA)  Polar lows
24 Nov JSC 1.02 Grant Bigg (U. Sheffield) Iceberg fertilization of the oceans
1 Dec Zicer 2.03 New PhD students Who am I and what am I doing for my PhD?
8 Dec Zicer 2.03
Helen Johnson (U. Oxford)
What sets the timescale on which the Arctic Ocean adjusts to changes in wind forcing or sea-ice cover?
15 Dec Zicer 2.03 Corwin Wright (U. Bath) Exploring gravity wave characteristics in 3-D over the Southern Andes and Drake Passage
Christmas Break  
19 Jan Zicer 2.03 Dann Mitchell (Uni of Bristol) tba
26 Jan Zicer 2.03 Nick McCave (Uni of Cambridge) Calibration of the 'mud current meter' applied to flow of the ACC through Drake Passage/Scotia Sea since the last glacial maximum (Joint ENV50 celebratory seminar with the Earth Sciences seminar series)
2 Feb Zicer 2.03 Linda Hirons (Uni of Reading) tba
9 Feb Zicer 2.03 Jenny Graham (Met Office) tba
16 Feb Zicer 2.03 Michel Tsamados (UCL) tba
23 Feb Zicer 2.03 Dave Pearce (Cefas) tba
2 Mar Zicer 2.03 Elaine McDonagh (NOC Southampton) ENV50 celebratory seminar - tba
9 Mar Zicer 2.03 Laura Herraiz (Uni of Southampton) tba
16 Mar Zicer 2.03 John Bacon (Cefas) Modelling with applications to exotic coastal locations


Past Seminars

Organiser: Ian Renfrew - Autumn 2017 and Karen Heywood - Spring 2018