Find out about research into physical processes in the climate system Find out about research into physical processes in the climate system

Unless stated, these take place on a Friday at 1pm (unless otherwise stated). Everyone is welcome to come along.





Autumn 2016

Tues, 13 Sept, 11 am Zicer Giuliana Viglione (Caltech) Observing spatial and temporal variability of submesoscale instabilities in the Antarctic Circumpolar Current using seagliders
30 Sept Clayton Room Dan Whitt (Cambridge) Physical and biogeochemical dynamics at a front forced by unsteady winds
7 Oct Zicer Yavor Kostov (Oxford) Understanding the Southern Ocean response to SAM in models and observations
Thurs, 13 Oct, 1 pm Zicer Richard Seager (Columbia) Global Decadal Hydroclimate Variability in Observations and Models
Mon, 17 Oct, 11 am JSC 2.02 Ali Mashayek (MIT) Role of enhanced abyssal mixing in closure of deep branch of the ocean meridional overturning
21 Oct Zicer Ryan Neely (Leeds) Novel ways to see more: Polarized Acitve Remote Sensing
28 Oct Zicer James Pope (BAS) The Antarctic sea ice paradox: More sea ice in a warming
4 Nov Zicer Tim Osborn (UEA) Variability in the rate of global warming, including the role of Atlantic Multidecadal Variability
11 Nov Zicer Alex Brearley (BAS) tbc
18 Nov Zicer Len Shaffrey (Reading) Climate change and extratropical storms
25 Nov Zicer Peter Sheehan (UEA) Forcing, and long- and short-time variability of the Fair Isle Current
2 Dec Zicer Manoj Joshi (UEA) Secret project
9 Dec Zicer First year PhDs tbc


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Autumn 2016: Xiaoming Zhai