Upcoming workshops and Summer school events Upcoming workshops and Summer school events

How do rivers and sediments shape the world around us?
This workshop explored how rivers transfer sediments in the environment and how they affect us and our environment. The workshop used both a flume wave machine and hydraulic jumps to  determine at how rivers can cause bridges to be washed away.

How can GPS be used to monitor communities?
This workshop explored how Global Positioning System works and what it can be used in the environment around us.

Explosive Tectonics
This workshop explored the theory behind volcanic eruptions along with a practical demonstration of how an eruption causes projectiles to be thrown into the air and how they travel and interact once there.

Community University Engagement (CUE)
UEA has a small dedicated Community University Engagement team, Julie Worrall and Ruth Selwyn-Crome, who are on hand to advise staff and students about different aspects of their engagement activity including ideas, planning, evaluation and impact. Financial and practical assistance is also available via a Small Expenses Fund and the loan of equipment such as audio recorders. You can find more information and case studies on the Community University Engagement website.

Summer Schools: Coastal Erosion Week
The School of Environmental Sciences, working with the International Office, has developed a week of academic content for a bespoke Summer School programme delivered to a large group of overseas Foundation Year students. These Saudi Arabian students, sponsored to carry out their foundation year and undergraduate studies in the UK, participate in a period of summer study to broaden their education. The students have a range of academic backgrounds, many are business students and the summer school is their first experience of environmental science.

Dr Trevor Tolhurst demonstrates coastal erosion processes on the beach at Wells next the Sea summer 2012

One of the requirements of the summer school is for the students to become more familiar with the sponsors' corporate values, one of which being awareness of environmental issues. A whole week of the summer school is devoted to the impacts of and management of coastal erosion, delivered by the School of Environmental Sciences. A key aim of the summer school is developing key transferable skills. Students undertake an academic programme which includes attending lectures and seminars, engaging in off-site fieldtrips, working in the Schools Laboratories to make use of its specialised equipment and finally participating in a formal assessed debate at the end of the week, chaired by academic staff from the School.

Ms Alex Cole
International Summer Schools Manager
Admissions, Recruitment and Marketing

Dr Trevor Tolhurst
Coastal Erosion Week Leader
School of Environmental Sciences